Gardai investigates alleged sexual assault on unconscious patients by anesthetists

Gardaí is investigating alleged sexual assault on unconscious patients Nas General Hospital by an anaesthetist.

The anaesthetist, Dr Amir Jubery, worked in the Irish hospital system for many years, before taking up his position at Nass, another major hospital.

According to an investigation by RTE’s Prime Time Investigators, he has since returned to Pakistan where he was working till last week.

Ireland does not have an extradition treaty with Pakistan.

Efforts to contact Dr. Zuberi, who is also the subject of investigation by the Medical Council, were unsuccessful.

The Garda press office said in a statement that an investigation into multiple reports of sexual assault at a hospital in the east of the country was ongoing and included liaison with Interpol. It was not in a position to comment further, it said.

According to a Prime Time report, due to air Tuesday, an unidentified man who went in for a procedure in April 2017 was contacted by Gardai at Nas about two years later to be told they were facing potential sexual assault. were investigating.

According to the schedule, the hospital nurses became concerned about Dr. Zuberi and several gave statements to Gardy.

The alleged victim, who spoke to Prime Time, was out of the ward for nine hours for a procedure that usually took one and a half to two hours.

According to the program, the anesthetic given to them included a drug — midazolam — that prevents people from remembering what happened to them while they were anesthetized.

administrative leave

After raising concerns, the doctor was sent on administrative leave. The alleged victim, who spoke to Prime Time, said that in the summer of 2019 she was told by Gardai that Dr. Zuberi had left the country.

According to the programme, a total of four alleged sexual assaults are being investigated based on the concerns raised by the employees. The gender of the other three victims was not disclosed.

“The hospital can confirm that they have contacted and been in contact with three affected patients and unsuccessfully tried to contact the fourth,” the hospital said in a statement. He said it was available at any time to speak to the fourth alleged victim.

It said it was strongly advised not to comment because doing so would unfairly affect the outcome of the Garda investigation.

“The hospital takes allegations of this nature very seriously and is fully engaged with the guard.

“In addition, Nas General Hospital has a strict reporting policy for its employees and where a serious allegation is made, they follow the Trust in Care policy and take their responsibilities in that regard very seriously.”

Where appropriate, charges are referred to En Garda Ciocana and the Medical Council, the statement said.


The Medical Council said in a statement that following an application from the Council on March 20, 2018, “the High Court passed an order pledging not to engage in the practice of medicine until a complaint by Dr. before the Medical Council”.

“That complaint has yet to be determined and the Medical Council cannot comment on the open investigation.”

According to prime time, the order of the High Court is applicable only in this jurisdiction. Other EU member state medical organizations were given notice about the undertaking, but not Pakistan. The council can now take further action.

Dr Zuberi is still on the register of doctors in Ireland and Pakistan. According to Prime Time, he resigned from the Aga Khan Medical Center in Singal, Pakistan, last week.

The program requested him for a comment but did not receive a response. It was also in touch with the center in Singhal.

Nas Hospital said anyone concerned can contact 045-849570 during business hours.

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