Gemma Atkinson Launches Blueholt Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Strictly speaking star Gemma Atkinson has stepped forward to show her support for an animal shelter’s Christmas appeal.

The former Hollyoaks star-turned-radio presenter started Bleikholt Animal Sanctuary’s Christmas shoebox appeal.

People are being asked to fill shoeboxes with treats and essentials for the many animals being cared for at Edenfield Animal Sanctuary.

Gemma said: “This is our annual shoebox appeal at our sanctuary and it means all the animals will have special treats at Christmas, and they will be the happiest animals.

“Any dog ​​or cat toy, or Eat – Shmakos are a favorite blanket, do whatever you can to help all the animals here at Christmas, thank you.”

Gemma said: “I love to come to Bleikholt and see all the animals, who live their lives here and who are looking for new homes.

“They’re so well taken care of throughout the year but it’s nice to give them something extra special at Christmas.

“Shoebox appeal means they have extra treats at Christmas — and they love them.”

Bleikholt, which was built in 1957, is a temporary home to more than 350 animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, donkeys, mules, goats and more, that the sanctuary is looking to re-home.

The sanctuary has also revealed the names of the 12 animals on its Christmas list that need a new home this year, available for a £30 sponsorship.

Animals on this year’s list include Tina, Turkey for Day 1, Grumple the Goat for Day 2, Zike the Lurcher for Day 3, Jelly Hat, Jelly Bean and Bon Bon Rabbit for Day 4, Tim for Day 5 The Cats are included. , and Reggie the Chihuahua for the sixth day.

Other names on the list are Kizzie the Cat, Dexter the Shar Pei-Labrador for Day Eight, Marley the Shar Pei-Akita Cross for Day Nine, Luki the Ginger Cat, for Day Ten, Logan and Angel the Huskies for Day 11 and Last but not least, Boris the Guinea Pig for Day 12.

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