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Georgia British musician ‘thrown into river after beating and altercation’

A British musician has been found dead after being allegedly beaten and thrown unconscious into a river. Georgia.

Guitarist Thomas Kennedy was out drinking when a verbal and physical fight broke out with a group of local men. The body of a 28-year-old man was found October 8 in the Matkwari River near the village of Kaukhorili in the Gauri municipality, local media reported.

Four Georgian men and a boy have been arrested on suspicion of murder and could face up to 13 to 17 years in prison if convicted.

The British Foreign Office said it was assisting Mr Kennedy’s family and was in contact with Georgian authorities following the incident.

Mr Kennedy is known to have played the acoustic guitar and was a student at a local music college when he arrived in the country on August 30, according to Georgia News Station. The channel reported that Mr Kennedy’s mobile phone was found by police at a local pedestrian shop where it was sold for cash after his death.

The musician’s family said they were “absolutely devastated” by his death.

“Life would never be the same again without our handsome, talented boy … he died brutally and tragically,” he wrote on the GoFund Me campaign page to send Mr Kennedy’s body back to Ireland. Started financing, where he lived in County Mayo. .

It is very difficult to repatriate Tom at this time due to the Covid 19 restrictions, so we are creating this GoFundMe page to raise funds to bring Tom home as soon as possible. It’s expensive, and with the help of the Kevin Bell Reputation Trust, we’ll take it to our beloved County Mayo home, “the family wrote.

A Foreign Office spokesman said. Free: Following the death of a British man in Georgia, we are in contact with local authorities and are providing assistance to his family.

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