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Georgia is No. 1, followed by Iowa and Cincinnati.

Poll Review

– A new No. 1, Georgia replaces Alabama when the former won easily and the latter lost to a two-loss opponent with a backup quarterback.

– Iowa is No. 2 after a tight win over Penn State, but I kept the Nutty Lions at No. 4.

In general, I don’t leave teams to lose to close opponents, especially close games. On the road For advanced opponents.

(Prepared another way: If you are considered the No. 4 team in the country and lose to No. 3, it does not mean that you are still not at No. 4.)

– Alabama fell to No. 7, behind both Oklahoma schools (which are unbeatable).

Although Crimson Tide remains a serious threat to CFP and national titles, the results are no exception: it was not a good loss; it was not good at all.

Texas A&M barely beat Colorado and lost in two consecutive, Arkansas and Mississippi states.

– Oregon is once again in eighth place, followed by Ohio State.

From week two, head-to-head results keep tripping other factors when evaluating teams, as long as the number of losses is the same.

– This approach was also applied to Brigham Young and Arizona State.

Although the Cougars lost at home to the Boys State, their head-to-head win over the Sun Devils justifies a high ranking as long as they both suffer the same loss.

For polls

1. Georgia
2. Iowa
3. Cincinnati.
4. Penn State.
5. Oklahoma.
6. Oklahoma State
7. Alabama.
8. Oregon.
9. Ohio State.
10. Michigan State.
11. Notre Dame
12. Michigan.
13. Kentucky
14. Mississippi
15. Arkansas
16. Coastal Carolina
17. Brigham Young.
18. Arizona State.
19. Florida.
20. Baylor
21. Clemson.
22. Texas.
23. Kansas State.
24. Wake up the forest
25. San Diego State.

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