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Georgia school suspends black students over planned protest against Confederate flag

Several black students at Cosa High School in Rome, Georgia, say they have been suspended simply for planning to protest against the Confederate flag.

Local news station CBS46 reports. Many schoolchildren were upset last week when a group of white students came to the school carrying a Confederate flag, racially abusive.

However, the school quickly jumped in to quell a possible protest against the flag and suspended the students who organized it.

Recordings obtained by CBS 46 show that a high school administrator announced last week that protests on the intercom system would not be allowed.

The administration is aware of tomorrow’s planned protest, the organizer said. “Police will be present at the school and if students insist on encouraging such activities, they will be disciplined to encourage unrest.”

Student organizer Jillian Murray told CBS46 that the school should not allow students to brand Confederate flags, especially since it does not allow them to wear black live meter costumes.

“I don’t think the Confederate flag should be flown at all. It’s a racist symbol and it makes me feel disrespected,” he said.

See the CBS 46 report on student protests below..

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