TORONTO – The night Aaron Judge drew to the iconic American League and Yankee record, Gerrit Cole had his own moment.

Although largely overshadowed by the The referee draws Roger Maris’s 61 home run record in one season, Cole equaled Ron Guidry’s one-season record at Yankee of 248 strikes in the fifth round Match on Wednesday night.

“I think it’s more special for what Aaron did today, to be honest,” said Cole, referring to the judge’s great night. “It’s really, of course, a really special track. Guidry was so good to us and so magical and his record held up for so long. I don’t think you’ll ever dream of it, but only to be listed in the same categories. Yankee legends, at this point it’s a bit hard for me to get my head on.

Still, the Yanks needed a two-speed shot from the referee in the top of seven to get back ahead of the Blue Jays after Cole cleared his three-way lead in the bottom of six. Bombers won 8-3 at the Rogers Center. However, with one more start before the playoffs, Cole asked more questions about his ability to deal with adversity on the mound.

At this point, he was working on the perfect game and gave up his solo shot to take a sixth to catch Danny Jansen. He dropped the single for Whit Merrifield and came out of 9th place, Jackie Bradley Jr. Cole then clearly refused to put both of them in the scoring. Bo Bichette chose one of them to introduce Merrifield, and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. flew to the left field to bring Bradley into a tie.

Homer Jansen was the 32nd, career best player that Cole has allowed this season. While one of the home side with a three-round advantage is not counted in the 19 home run discards that interrupted a draw, tied the game or cost the Yankees an advantage, this clearly shook Cole and led to his disintegration.

Cole allowed three runs for three hits. He went one and hit four over 6.1 innings of the pitch.

Cole tied up the 1978 Guidry branding to an ankle spur that Raimel Tapia swung over. As Yankees now holds the record for one-season strikes in two series with 326 hits in 2019 for Astros. He is only one of the top five pitchers to have done so, joining Pedro Martinez (313 from Red Sox in 1999 and 305 from Expos in 1997), Randy Johnson (372 from Diamondbacks in 2001 and 308 and from Mariners in 1993). ), Nolan Ryan (301 from Rangers in 1989 and 383 from Angels in 1973) and Rube Waddell (232 from St. Louis Browns in 1908 and 349 from Philadelphia Athletics in 1904).

As the world waited for the referee to tie Maris, he was given a fifth straight walk to get out of the game. The judge who walked in his last four bats with Won on Tuesday night, overtook Mitch White 2-0, after which the legitimate Blue Jays faced back to 2-2. White then nibbled low and led the judge up the six pitches. The judge completed the first of three runs in the first. He appeared on Josh Donaldson’s single. Oswald Peraza singled as rookie Oswaldo Cabrera, who followed the referee, with Donaldson scoring a goal in Marwin Gonzalez’s sacrificial flight.


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