The House of Representatives Select Committee investigating on January 6, 2021, reached an agreement with Ginni Thomas, a conservative activist and wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, to be heard by a panel in the coming weeks, according to a source close to the committee.

Ginni Thomas’ attorney Mark Paoletta confirmed the voluntary interview in a statement, saying, “As she said from the outset, Mrs. Thomas would be happy to answer the Committee’s questions to clear up any misunderstandings about her work related to the 2020 elections. She is looking forward to this opportunity. “

Panel members have long said they are interested in talking to Thomas, especially after the first CNN report The text messages she exchanged with then-Chief of Staff of the Trump White House, Mark Meadows before January 6 to overthrow the elections.

However, within months of the news coming out, there was little to suggest that forcing her to testify was a top priority for the panel, despite subsequent evidence that Thomas he also encouraged state lawmakers in Arizona and Wisconsin overthrow Joe Biden’s legitimate electoral victory.

Thomas attended a rally leading up to the Capitol att*ck, as she said in an interview with the Washington Free Beacon in which she stressed that her and her husband’s working lives are separated. She also said she left the rally before the protesters became aggressive.

She also publicly criticized the House investigation on January 6, calling on House of Representatives leaders to kick two Republicans serving on the special committee from the conference.

In June, Paoletta said in a letter to the committee that he did not “believe there was sufficient ground now to talk to” Thomas.

“I would like the Commission to better explain why Mrs Thomas’ testimony is relevant for the Commission’s legislative purposes,” he wrote in a letter received by CNN.

The lawyer’s response followed a June 16 letter asking Thomas to meet the panel in July and provide documents that may be relevant to the investigation.

The committee has email correspondence between Thomas and former President Donald Trump’s election attorney John Eastman, as well as text messages between her and Meadows. The lyrics show Thomas calling on Meadows to continue the fight to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Thomas’s lawyer said in a letter in June that his client was “eager to appear” and “wanted to clear her name,” but with no further advice from the committee, he was concerned that she had been asked to come “in order to continue the unjust harassment.” she was subjected to January 6. “

“There is no story to discover here,” he said in the letter.

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