Girlfriend pulled up after showing her eight months pregnant at ex’s house

The internet has slammed a girlfriend for showing her eight months pregnant at her ex’s house in a new viral post.

published to On Reddit’s r/AmITheA**hole forum, a woman under the username u/bluetooth888 shared her story with the “AITA” community to let people know if she was wrong because she wanted her son to have a paternity test When his ex girlfriend showed up to his house pregnant. The viral post has 11,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

The Redditor began his story by reporting that his son’s ex-girlfriend had come to his house eight months pregnant. Her son didn’t know about the pregnancy and “is now expected to accept everything that was asked no questions asked.”

His son was once with this girlfriend, who was very “needy and manipulative”, which broke his heart when he found out she was cheating on him. During their relationship, he spent a lot of money on her because his girlfriend persuaded him to take one of the OP’s (original poster) credit cards.

The internet has dragged a woman to her ex’s house for showing she is eight months pregnant.
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OP’s daughter is a friend of his ex-girlfriend and lives with him. A Reddit user said that he knew about the pregnancy and did not tell it to anyone.

She wrote, “When I saw her at my door I knew she was saying that my son was the father of her child and immediately said that my son would not give any money or time until the paternity test was done. Proves that he has a child, my son supported me and agreed.

“My daughter was horrified by my remarks and accused me of encouraging her to be a dead father and was upset that I didn’t even give her a chance to explain myself. My son’s ex started crying and said That you always think the worst of me and that she went through 8 months of pregnancy alone and the least we could do was make sure that she was looked after for the betterment of her baby,” she continued.

Paternity test is given to determine whether a man is the father of the child or not. In the United States, approx 300,000 paternity tests are given every year.

Although u/Bluetooth888 agrees that the well-being of mother and child is important during pregnancy, she wishes to confirm that the child is hers.

The Reddit community shared their thoughts in the comments section defending the OP for his response.

,[Not the A**hole], ‘I need a paternity test because you cheated on me.’ ‘how can you say that? Don’t you trust me?’ ‘No. Because you cheated on me.’ Finn,” u/Dralloran received the top comment with over 15,000 upvotes.

In another popular comment, u/C_Majuscula wrote, “[Not the A**hole], A paternity test is perfectly justified in this situation. Did he give her a reason not to tell him until it was too late to get into the other decisions?”

The OP replied, “She said it because she was scared that he wouldn’t believe her or her reaction.”

,[Not the A**hole]u/CrystalQueen3000 said, “She went through 8 months of pregnancy alone because she chose not to tell her, it’s completely up to her. Paternity testing is the wisest option.”

“Unless it is proved that the child is his, he is not the father and cannot be dead. [Not the A**hole] It 100% sounds like a scam, your son is the best option financially,” u/Trasl0 explained.

,[Not the A**hole] That’s life. They were in a relationship, he cheated, they broke up and now she is pregnant. Anyone, no matter how old, should ask for a paternity test. The fact that she went on the defensive is a red flag. If she is telling the truth then she should welcome the paternity test,” u/Sure_Sun_7610 said.

newsweek Contacted u/bluetooth888 for comments.

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