Give ‘Bad Vegan’ Sarma Melangalis a New Restaurant, Says Ex

Near the end of “Bad Vegan,” a Netflix docu-series about the downfall of celebrity restaurateur Sarma Melangalis, she said she hopes no one will re-invest in any of her ventures.

Melngailis may be right about it, given that she and her scam-artist ex-husband, Anthony Strangis, were arrested in 2016 for allegedly using her star-studded New York City, Pure Food & Wine bank accounts. After stealing about $2 million from Raw vegetarian restaurant.

The ex-spouses, who eventually pleaded guilty to charges of evasion and tax fraud, also allegedly dodged investors and tax bills, and failed to pay restaurant employees, while missing for nearly a year. And spent a lot on hotels and casinos.

An astonishing figure from Melangalis’ past believes he should be given another chance to start another restaurant, TMZ. According to,

Her rep told TMZ that star chef Matthew Kenney, Melangali’s former boyfriend and her original partner at Pure Food & Wine, believes everyone deserves a second chance.

If Melangalis wants to open another restaurant, it should pursue it, Kenny believes, the representative told TMZ.

Kenny admitted that he hasn’t seen “Bad Vegan”, and it is reasonable to question whether he would ever do business with her in person again.

In “Bad Vegan”, the still-glamorous but disgraced Melangalis appears as the main storyteller. Seeing disheartened, she clearly hopes that she can explain to the audience how she, an intelligent and accomplished woman, has fallen under the influence of a devious, gaslighting man who has betrayed her to her employees and even hurts her. That also billed his mother out of $400,000.

Melngailis methodically describes how she met Strongis online and convinced him to have some kind of special powers. She compared “coercive control” to someone living through Stockholm syndrome, or the “brainwashing” that Patty Hurst suffered.

Melngailis said that Strangis, a gambler with a criminal past, tried to give him full access to his passwords and bank accounts, and to transfer increasing amounts of money as part of “a test” of his trust in him. agreed to He explained that he worked in secret military or espionage type work and was associated with a group called “The Family” who had the power to immortalize his beloved pit bull, Leon, and who could provide him with luxurious wealth and comfort. Were. Her wildest dreams,” as Vox reported.

While Melangalis has her supporters, including fans online who praise her “honesty” and “courage”, she has also drawn outrage and ridicule.

People online question how she could have so willingly given money to someone she met online, or how she really believed he could make her dog immortal. They rebuke her for showing a lack of “accountability” in the series and wonder if she is trying to pull off another scandal by portraying herself as the victim.

Actor and writer Mindy Kaling suggested in a tweet that Melangalis is the “villain” of the story, but she doesn’t know he is the “villain”. That tweet sparked a reaction from Melangalis, who has cried out over the “misleading” way that Netflix portrayed him in the series.

On Instagram and Twitter, Melangalis took special issue with a documentary playing out a recorded phone conversation with Strangis in 2019, 22 months after nearly four months in prison.

In the phone call, Strongis tells Melangalis that he still loves her, and she responds in a careful but friendly and witty manner. When he tells her, “You’re the smartest person I’ve ever met, right? And you’re the most beautiful thing,” she replies: “It (insulting) puts me off, because you’re right. “

From comments online, the phone call surprised many viewers that Melangalis kept in touch with Strangis, although she says she kept him.

In a statement, Melangalis criticized the phone call’s inclusion, calling it “disturbingly misleading”. She said, “I haven’t been in contact with Anthony Strangis and I made those recordings at a very early time, intentionally, for a specific reason.”

Melangalis also said, “A lot of ‘Bad Vegan’ gets it right, but it’s hard not to get stuck on things that aren’t right or leave the wrong impression.” “Later, I would like to be more clear.”

Kenny appears to have Melangalis’ back, which is also surprising, given that “Bad Vegan” reveals how their relationship turned sour and he took pure food and alcohol from her.

Kenny and Melangalis opened Pure Food & Wine together in 2004 and has made it the go-to spot for celebrities who want to enjoy trailblazing vegetarian cuisine in a high-end setting. This included Alec and Hilaria Baldwin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chelsea Clinton, Owen Wilson and Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen.

When Melangalis and Kenny met, he was a hot-shot celebrity chef, author, and educator known for his innovative approach to plant-based cuisine. He was seen as the creative partner at Pure Food & Wine, while he, a University of Pennsylvania graduate who worked in investment banking for a while, handled the business side of the restaurant.

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