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Glenn Yingkin’s complex history on key race theory.

In an attempt to cast doubt on right-wing voters, the investment firm’s executive has changed the Republican candidate for governor of Virginia. Glenn Yingkin He has made the ban on critical race ideology from public schools the cornerstone of his campaign.

But there are some issues with Yingluck’s commitment. First, Called Virginia schools. CRT does not appear in educational or training materials. And second, just last year, Yangkin encouraged his employees to donate to organizations that support the same social justice policies they now outlaw – and promised that his company would withdraw from these partnerships. Will match

Less than a week after the police assassination of Yingkin’s company, George Floyd, Spacious Private equity firm Carlyle Group, a News for the newspaper, Yingkin and its co-CEO, Kyusung Lee, signed, promising to offer “a special match” to employees who donate up to 1,000 to one of three social justice organizations: Equal Justice Initiative, Southern Poverty Law Center, and NAACP.

“Carlyle has deliberately developed a partnership of partnership with a diversity of experiences and perspectives. We are global. We are multicultural,” Yingkin said in a statement. Given the deep commitment, we will continue to invest more resources towards diversity and inclusion, not only in our firm, but also in support of some organizations that are focused on changing our world. ”

These groups are advocates for racial and social justice. The EJI and the NAACP specifically support and promote the educational and legal lines of inquiry that is now widely known as “critical race theory” – the right-wing bogeyman of the campaign cycle. , Which in recent months, has become a combination of the Yingkin campaign.

In fact, the CRT is an educational and legal framework that examines how military racism wrapped itself in the fabric of American history, how it shaped the day-to-day lives and attitudes of institutions and citizens, and how to address these injustices. How to solve

But the theoretical framework, which born At the Harvard Law School in the 1970s, he became the target of a violent right-wing movement that was predicted. Politically blaming. Fox News is constantly running classes on critical race theory, and former President Donald Trump has made this issue the basis of his core articles.

And in the run-up to the 2021 campaign, Yingluck has telephoned himself to include these voices on the far right of the political arena. This is part of their larger campaign to get into the conservative provocative machine, which includes issues such as hot buttons. Vaccine order And Electoral truth.

Former executives – who once credited diversification measures to the success of their private sector – now regularly condemn the ideological framework that informs many corporate initiatives.

In recent months, it has taken a zero tolerance position on CRT. To mobilize GOP-based voters. Who may be skeptical of affluent suburbs’ affiliation with their ultra-conservative agenda, and they regularly tap the mark to bridge the gap between their politics and their democratic rival, former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe. Remind me of the Gulf.

“We need to get important race theory out of schools,” Yangkin said. told Right-wing talk show host Hugh Hewitt in May, 10 days after receiving the GOP nomination. Next month, Yingluck. Promised For the far right person Mark Anthony Giglioti.“I’m going to tell you, as governor, we’re not going to teach race theory in our schools.” He recently Promised “Banning” CRTs from Virginia schools “on the first day” if they win next month’s election.

In July, he. told Hewitt said Virginia was watching “this important race theory make its way into all of Virginia’s schools.” And in August, he. told According to Fox News, the key race theory has “moved into our school system and we need to get rid of it.”

However, these claims have been checked as facts. liar The PolyFact site pointed out that the state of Virginia. Quality of learning Don’t mention CRT, and many public school districts have issued statements stating that CRT appears in the curriculum or faculty training manual.

But Yingluck’s alignment with the CRT’s response shows that the dyed wool has evolved in response to initial criticism from conservatives who initially saw the 1% as Charlton.

Before the primary, Yangkin’s diversity access in Carlyle was blown up by right-wing shops, including Brett Bart, Catholic News Service, And Federalist.. The publications described the promise of donations to Yangkin’s Southern Poverty Law Center as a “tragic situation” and warned that “business-minded GOP candidates would come with cultural goods.”

Beyond the SPLC, two other organizations – the Economic Justice Initiative and the NAACP – have advocated for critical race theory education and influence as a channel.

EJI website Promotes public education as one of its three main focal points. In the service of this vertical, the group appeared. High school lesson plans, Based on elements of CRT, to teach students about “Lunching in America.”

The proposed curriculum – released in 2019, a year before Yingluck’s similar donation offer – sets a goal to help teachers and helps examine the “dominant narratives linked to white supremacy” that “It has influenced our culture, knowledge and understanding of the world.”

“There are simple narratives that circulate widely and are taken as reasonable explanations for past and present injustices, which can save many people from any significant engagement with the race. Has explained racial injustice using some of the same logic that is being considered in these textbooks.

Penn continues, “Although one does not need to be an expert in race theory to teach students effectively,” teachers need to be sensitive to how the dominant narrative of white supremacy can change their culture, knowledge. Is affected. Understanding the world, it all affects their teaching process.

“If we’re educated in American schools, we’re educated in white supremacy,” the plan says.

In the midst of recent CRT political fireworks, EJI founder Brian Stevenson opened a museum to encourage citizens to learn “how slavery shaped American history.” The EJI also issued a statement on the death of Derek Bell, widely recognized as the founder of CRT.

EJI has this year. Praised McAuliffe, Yingluck’s opponent, in an effort to restore voting rights as governor. Of the more than 200,000 former prisoners..

For its part, the NAACP in January. Sued The Trump administration has issued an executive order designed to prevent key race theories from becoming a training and instruction manual for federal contractors. This group is also continuous. Pushed back On the right, against the false stories that misinterpret the role of CRT in the public grade school curriculum – which then Basically zero.

In June, NAACP also. Supported The Fairfax County Parent Teacher Association’s vice president commented on the misrepresentation in a video while criticizing parents.

We have to get the important idea of ​​race out of schools.

Glenn Yingkin

At the time, Virginia was ground zero for anti-CRT protests. And that same day, the school board met in neighboring Loudoun County. National News after this Became violent, One protester arrested. One week ago, Yingluck swore that Virginia schools would not teach “critical race theory” on his watch.

In a statement to the Daily Beast, Manuel Bonder, a spokesman for the Democratic Party of Virginia, disagreed on two aspects of education policy.

“Glenn Yingkin’s right-wing, Trump-Davis education agenda will end education funding for students and families across Virginia. Virginians can’t afford a governor who only speaks the truth when his love for Donald Trump and It is about their plans to pull the Commonwealth backwards.

Yingluck’s spokesman, Matt Wilking, did not respond to several attempts by the Daily Beast to determine whether Yingluck had paid the EJI or the NAACP in person or through the Carlyle Group. (A Carlyle spokesman said Monday that the firm would provide its numbers, but did not do so at the time of publication.)

Wolking-former Deputy Director of Communications for Donald Trump’s campaign also repeatedly refused to clarify Yangkin’s seemingly recent face about social justice in general, or when he was asked by CR at school boards. Intend to “ban” T. Not part of the curriculum Or Faculty training.

Instead, Wilking accused McAuliff of injecting CRT into these schools.

The spokesman claimed: “Terry McAuliffe has pushed for the divisive political agenda of key race theory in Virginia schools, which is why he is now too afraid to defend it and wants to keep parents in the dark about their What children are being taught. “

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