Golfers praise the crowd at The Country Club, Greeley Tribune at the US Open

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“It’s pleasant to be able to fight against this golf course.”

Matt Fitzpatrick plays a second shot on the 15th hole as a gallery of fans plays during the final round of the 122nd US Open Championship at The Country Club in Brookline. Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Although he was not able to secure a hometown victory at the 2022 US Open, New England native Keegan Bradley left no doubt about how much he enjoyed playing at The Country Club in Brookline.

“I think it’s one of the best golf courses in the world, and probably with the best sports fans in the world,” Bradley said, “Combine those two, and you’ll get it out of here.

“The country club is fantastic,” he said. “I absolutely loved it. It’s my favorite US Open venue I’ve ever played. Whenever you get to play a tournament in Greeley Tribune, it’s electric. The fans are the best.”

Bradley left no doubt about how he would feel about the tournament back in the Greeley Tribune area:

This was a view shared by the eventual champion, Matt Fitzpatrick, who also won the 2013 US Amateur Championship at Brookline.

“I love playing this golf course,” Fitzpatrick later said, “It sounds great to me. It suits my game. I’ve been playing well for a while now, and I think it’s all right now that this is where it was supposed to be.

To the local Greeley Tribune crowd, Fitzpatrick was asked how he remained calm despite the apparent enthusiasm.

“it felt like [my caddie Billy Foster] And I was supposed to be stamped, but we didn’t. We are fine I love that,” Fitzpatrick explained. “I love when the crowd is upbeat and loud. That’s what makes it more exciting. I love football, and I love the atmosphere in that. I know golf differently, and it’s all nice and quiet And everything should be, but sometimes it’s good to be a little different.”

As far as the course is concerned – full of challenges – golfers were “overall” happy with the experience.

“I thought it was great,” said Rory McIlroy, who finished the weekend in fifth place at 2-under par. “I thought [there were] Some funky tee shots, some tee shots I’m glad I haven’t seen again for a few years. But overall, really good setup, great US Open.

“To be able to play this championship, especially close to the big cities, I think it’s really important,” he continued. “Great atmosphere, big crowd. It was a really good week.”

Looking back on his time at The Country Club, the golfer appeared to enjoy the strategic challenges posed by the course.

Scotty Scheffler, who was tied for second at 5-under par, agreed with McIlroy about having a “good setup”.

“Nothing unfair, nothing crazy. It was just a good test.” Scheffler said, “Especially on a day like today when the wind has really calmed down a bit. When you’re hitting quality shots, you’re going to be rewarded for them.

“Then it was really difficult to come out of our wave in the winds we played in the last three days, and we were like [had to] Grind it,” he said. “It was so much fun. It’s nice to be able to fight against this golf course.”

There was one criticism from Colin Morikawa, who tied for fifth place with McIlroy, although he agreed with the overall sentiment.

“Apart from the tiniest chipping green, I thought it was the best place I’ve played in a while,” They said, “There’s only a few courses where I actually step onto the property, and you look at it for a little while, and then you think you’re going to like it, and this was one of them. Someone around that No BS. It’s a good golf course.”

“You really have to work your way around the course. You have to think about it,” Morikawa explained. “I thought it was a course you could play very well and a course that could hurt you very quickly in the back. I think I got both ends of it, but overall, yeah, I Liked it.”

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