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Good idea hit by fan service.

A crop of Ghostbusters After Life poster featuring the back of the Active 1, with new ghost hunters stepping out of it.۔

Ghostbusters Post-harvest crop of life.
Image: Sony Pictures

Ghost Busters: Later Life There is a movie that is fighting with itself, not sure what it wants to be. On the one hand, it’s one. A heartbreaking story of a needy family, Left home in the hope of a new beginning in life. On the other hand, it is a sequel to two of the most beloved sci-fi comedies in film history. Throughout, the two pieces dance togetherOften in harmony, sometimes not.– As long as the latter take over. Destroys almost everything. Who worked first

After life Directed by Jason ReitmanJuno, up in the air.), Son Ghost Busters. Co-creator and director Ivan Ratman.. The House is currently co-writing with Jason and Gul Cannon.Monster House.). The story is about 30 years after the events. Ghost Busters. When a young single mother named Kali (Carrie Koun) is evicted from her home. This is when his father – a mysterious figure we only see in the shadows but with many familiar instruments – is killed in strange circumstances. He leaves his form to Kali. Summerville’s small town, Oklahoma. And so, not to go anywhere else, she went there with her teenage son Trevor (Stranger Things’ Finn Wolf Hard (and teenage daughter Phoebe)Hull House victim. McKinney Grace).

Once the so-called family moved to Summerville, After life Basically who pushes the character aside and brings Phoebe to the forefront (Trevor is somewhere in the middle). Phoebe is a weird outcast because she’s incredibly smart for her age and soon she begins to unravel the mystery behind her grandfather. Soon, with the help of a new friend named Podcast (Logan Kim), Proton Pack and Ghost Traps made their triumphant return. That’s when. Ghost Busters: Later Life That’s great – and when it’s good, it’s great. Watching these young characters (somehow completely unaware of the mass events that took place in New York in 1984) discover that ghosts are real and how they manage to trap them, sometimes Totally excited. shameless? just a little. But still very pleasant. It’s also partly Reitman’s, combining Elmer Bernstein’s original, scary skills. Ghost Busters. Rob Simmonson’s more traditional, but effective, up-to-date music, resulting in an excellent alchemy of nostalgia and development.

Ghostbusters in later life Phoebe, Trevor and Active1.۔

Ghostbusters in later life Phoebe, Trevor and Active1.
Image: Sony Pictures

And yet, as Phoebe and Podcast, with the help of Trevor, dig into the depths of mystery, things slowly begin to change. Their discoveries have begun to answer all but one of your questions about this new story. What happened to the real Ghost Busters? Why aren’t they together now? Since when are they doing Why haven’t their discoveries and actions changed the whole world? And, of course, what does this family have to do with any of this? This last part was first played as a mystery, almost too easily, it was revealed that they are the descendants of Egon Spengler (the late Harold Remus). There are reasons to stay in Summerville that ultimately move you forward. After life From a touching, interesting, emotional, child-fighting ghost comedy to N.Y. Almost shocking avalanche of fan service..

You may be aware that this is not the first time. Ghost Busters. Has been back since the 1989 sequel. In 2016, director Paul Fagg. Rethink the franchise completely. And was Strong criticism from some fans Not to mention the fact that (before its release) is far from the tone and story of the original film. Ghostbusters were now women.. This film, in a way, feels like the exact answer to some of these emotions. Phoebe, Podcast, Trevor’s “Next General Ghost Busters” (due to lack of a better narrator) and his admirers Lucky (Celeste O’Connor) come in many ages, races and genders. After life This means that Fag’s film justified this diversity. However, unlike Fag’s film, the story in which these characters are entangled is directly linked to the original. If I spoiled it, you wouldn’t believe me.

The end of the story is everything moviegoers believe – and maybe they are right. Ghost Busters. The fans probably want. An actual jackout checklist. Characters, names, symbols, all methods of iconography come back from the original film and play important, sometimes not, roles in what is happening in Summer Valley. It’s all really interesting for a few minutes but at the end it feels heavy and dense, the family was slapped which was a good family story. The result is a massive disconnect in the emotional investment of the audience. You get upset about everything from taking care of these characters, and it’s a real shame.

Ghostbusters Later in life Lucky, Trevor, Podcast and Phoebe.

Lucky, Trevor, Podcast, and Phoebe.
Image: Sony Pictures

Much of this fan service is isolated by the end of the film, so most of the better, heartfelt elements play along the way. Also, the movie is seriously funny from beginning to end. Some of them are from Paul Road as Mr. Gruberson, a local teacher who helps Phoebe and her friends solve some of Summerwell’s mysteries. But the big part is Phoebe. The character has such a deadpan, dry delivery that his dialogue is entertaining in a unique, memorable way. In fact, Phoebe is the best thing ever. Ghost Busters: Later Life. McKenna Grace – who has already had an incredible career since she began acting in 2013, has quickly created an unforgettable performance that combines brains, brains and humor. She really gives revealing, star-studded performances here and with Kim, her charisma, chemistry and humor are amazing. That all these complexities come in an unusual, pint-sized package that makes performance and character even more unforgettable.

On the other hand, who is the best Carrie (Left over) Is in full use here. She feels bitter for most of the movie sitting at her father’s house and when she finally gets to do something you can’t help but think that at some point along the way the character was significantly reduced ۔ The same can be said for many other characters in the film.Spider-Man: Homecoming., Tracy Lets (Country.), And finally some other wonderful careers. There was a strong feeling that there was too much to put in a movie. But the film manages to entertain as well as inform, leaving you hoping to see more of these characters in the future.

Ghostbusters in later life McKenna Grace and Logan Kim.۔

McKenna Grace and Logan Kim are real stars of later life.
Image: Sony Pictures

After all, you’d expect something that would answer many of his questions to please a keen audience. But Ghost Busters: Later Life Does not. It explains some things, but it has a lot of plot, characters and backstory, some important connections get frustratingly very vague on the side or left. Worse still, after its heyday, the film ends abruptly, offers almost no closure for the main characters, and then sees two credits scenes that make them feel like Quite different, almost un-relevant, from the movies. That’s all there is to it, even when you think about it. After life Working, be careful. The wheels go down very fast.

Ghost Busters: Later Life Comes You Close You Many times to be perfect Fans of the sequel have wanted it for years. But when it becomes obsessed with its past rather than its future, it loses most of its power. It’s one of those movies that works and feels great when you’re watching it because it’s doing a lot of things you like to watch, but when you take a minute to think about it Let’s figure out how it all came together, then the lack of harmony becomes an important thing. The obstacle is a lot of people are loving. Ghost Busters: Later Life And boy did I try. I’m such a fan of the original that I even made a point of looking a second time before this review to make sure I felt the same way. On the second look, some of my complaints eased because I knew they were coming, but they were still there and finally, Ghost Busters: Later Life It’s as if a movie is afraid to become its own thing. You can almost say, this Is Afraid of a ghost. Called the ghost of a 1984 film. Ghost Busters..

Ghost Busters: Later Life It opens in theaters only on November 19.

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