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Google TV is becoming more personal.

New profiles in Google TV۔

Image: Google

A new Google TV update should make Google’s TV platform more accessible to everyone in your home.

Updates starting today, and The biggest change you will see. Add profiles, which will allow. Each member of your family needs to get more personal content recommendations, access to their individual watchlists, and more to add to their personal accounts. Appropriate answers from Google A.Resist as much as you can. Expect, because your Google TV profile is linked to your Google Account, Your apps and login details will be imported automatically, so you don’t have to manually enter all your credentials. One by one.

W.Adding cards to Google TV ambient mode, not wanting to watch TV, Which appears after your TV has been idle for a few minutes, It should be easy to keep tabs on the weather, news, sports and more. The information will be presented through a card-based UI, which will allow you to scroll through different cards using your remote. If If you want, you can start. Dive podcasts, music and photos from your Google Photos library directly to Google TV without screenshots from the Google TV surround screen.

Google's new ambient card in Google TV.۔

Here’s a look at how the new ambient cards will look on Google TV.
Image: Google

And besides. new Virtual remote feature Coming soon to the Google Home appYou know, if you lose your physical remote or run out of batteriesGoogle is also adding support for this. Fellow On the integrated TV tab of Google TV, which allows you to browse programs currently broadcast from the main Google TV UI. No need to open the Philo app itself.

With the addition of Fellows, Google TV now supports three different over-the-top live services in its Live TV tab, YouTube TV got support at launch, followed by Sling TV integration earlier this year Increased.

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