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GOP representative Claudia Tenny’s campaign spent thousands on her companies.

Swing district rapist Claudia Tenny (R-NY) called herself one Small business booster In the picture of Donald Trump – and like the former president, some of Tenny’s favorite businesses to help are his own.

A New York-based congresswoman who won a recount of 109 votes earlier this year spent thousands of dollars campaigning in one of the country’s toughest house races, according to the Daily Best Review of Federal Election Commission records. ۔ On the businesses where she owned part of the property or had an executive job, and where she reported revenue of 130 130,120 in 2020.

This year alone, when he fought the anti-Democratic Anthony Brandisi in the final vote in court, Tenny paid 15 15,634.85 in rent, telephone service, and office supplies to OMP Park, Inc., which is New York. K’s business record shows that he is registered in his name and who identifies him as its CEO.

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