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Government angry over ‘crazy’ American women in Russia

Talks between Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov ended dramatically on Tuesday. threat If the United States does not lift all sanctions against Moscow, it will likely close all Russian diplomatic missions. Noland’s answer? A great “niat”, too, for Ryabkov. Disappointment

But Russia’s attitude toward Noland goes beyond its politics: Misunderstandings of Moscow Rather, they will not treat women at all.

Russian state media Led the accusation of covering Noland as a subject of the “fashion police” class, as opposed to a US government official who should be taken seriously. State media رییا نووستی۔, Generally known for its dry news coverage, which led a Headline He reads: “Noland arrives at the State Department in a Crimson suit.” The piece spoke of Noland’s “colorful dress” and her “unusual striped shoes.”

Russia’s state TV followed suit with the host. 60 minutes Olga Scabieva criticizes Noland’s dress, which she does. Explained You will see Boris Yeltsin as a thing in Moscow in the 90’s. Scabieva claimed: “Noland’s dress code disappointed her. Victoria, a leading American expert in Russia and Ukraine, showed off her shoes and crimson suit at a formal meeting at the State Department.

Appears on Russia. 60 minutesIgor Korochenko, a member of the Defense Ministry’s Public Advisory Council, angrily said that the only purpose of meeting Noland was to “bring the Americans back to their place.” Korochenko insisted, “Let Noland return to Washington empty-handed. State-sponsored corruption echoed similar sentiments in the Kremlin-controlled media.”

Appearing on state TV shows. Evening with Vladimir Solov, Dmitry Istafiev, a political scientist and professor of communications, called Nuland – a US government official – a mere “foreign dam.” Studio experts similarly rejected Noland’s negotiator and host, Vladimir Solovyov. Guess what“There is no one in America to speak for us.”

Solvay didn’t always feel that way. During the same broadcast of his show on Tuesday, the notorious Kremlin propagandist admitted that he had personally written several letters to former President Donald J. Trump during his tumultuous period, requesting that he be included in the program. Be present – to no avail. But Moscow’s top negotiators are hoping Trump will run and win in 2024.

We see a lot of hysteria, a lot of emotions.

In an ongoing attempt to appeal. American Conservatives., Putin-era savvy promoters are leaning heavily on social media outlets, including YouTube. Most recently, Editor-in-Chief of RT Margarita Simonian. Explained Such platforms are “weapons”, more efficient than any other. Some parts of Russian state TV shows are often translated and posted on YouTube, including a recent broadcast that blames Russia’s troubles with the West, not on Moscow’s own disastrous foreign policy decisions, but on the United States. Imposed on women.

Appearing on Evening with Vladimir Solovyov, Political scientist Sergei Mikhayev. emphasized In the clip: “We are witnessing a major breakdown of political analysis and decision-making in the United States … There are many reasons for this, but I personally believe that, among other things, it is clearly on the rise. And the development of femininity in the West today … we see so much madness, so much emotion. It’s out of control. ”

Host Vladimir Solovyov happily announced: “When they show it in the US, the title at the bottom of the screen will say, ‘Male Pig Fans.’

Mikhailov said: “Yes, of course! .. It becomes increasingly feminine … In the West, they claim that men and women are the same … We know this is a lie, this is a lie .. We see more and more feminist reaction from Western political leaders. “Throughout Mikhayev’s statement, an all-male panel nodded in approval.

Hosts and experts then move on to the topic of Trump’s presidency, claiming that the former president was disliked and criticized “just because he is a man.” Mikhailov reluctantly admitted that by Russian standards of masculinity, Trump was “the weird kind,” but he still prefers any hereditary “irrational” woman.

Smiling Kremlin propagandists ridiculously claim that Fiona Hill, a former US National Security Council official, and Stephanie Gresham, a former White House press secretary, are “jealous” that Trump has shown no interest in them. His female critics accused him of “reverse sexism” – neither personally nor professionally. ”

During Trump’s presidency, Russian state media experts acknowledged that Hill was qualified to serve as vice president’s assistant and senior director of European and Russian affairs at the National Security Council, often referring to Russia. Appreciate the knowledge of But when he dared to criticize Trump in a book and testify at his impeachment hearings, Kremlin propagandists began to dismiss Hill’s vision as “coercion.”

With wide brush strokes, state TV pundits were very clear about their preference for removing women from foreign policy, politics or any leadership position.

“You have this All are crazy women, or insensitive men, in charge of important matters. That’s why the generals have to make some calls, because they don’t understand what’s going on. The world has gone crazy. “


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