Just a few hours after the gray tags began to appear on Twitter profiles – a new verification badge intended for known accounts – Elon Musk revealed that he had “killed” the idea and immediately began removing the symbol from the social media platform.

The rollout began Wednesday, with some politicians and celebrities receiving an “official” designation.

Newspapers including the Associated Press, New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal received checkmarks, as did companies like Nike, Apple, and Coca-Cola. Then they disappeared just as suddenly as they had appeared.

Clearly trying to recognize the chaos and confusion caused by the disappearing badges, Musk adopted the title of “Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator” and urged users to submit their thoughts.

“Remember that Twitter is going to do a lot of stupid things in the coming months,” an eccentric billionaire tweeted. “We’ll keep what works and change what doesn’t.”

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Esther Crawford, the company’s director of product management, explained the comments from Tesla mogul in a tweet on Wednesday afternoon.

Elon Musk speaking at the 29th Annual Baron Investment Conference in New York City on Friday November 4, 2022.

“The official label is still coming out as part of the @TwitterBlue launch – we only focus on government and commercial entities for starters,” she wrote on Twitter. “What you saw, he mentioned, is the fact that our focus is not now on labeling the units ‘Official’.

Twitter currently uses blue checks to indicate that the user’s identity has been verified and the account is genuine.

But under Musk’s ownership, those who don’t start paying for checks will soon lose them. The company plans to charge a fee of $ 7.99 to get the badge.

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