Greeley Tribune area ready for arctic eruption on Tuesday


The air chill can reach -20 degrees, making it the coldest day of the season so far.

A snow-covered Commonwealth Avenue Mall in Greeley Tribune. David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Cold arctic winds will bring down temperatures across the region next week.

Tuesday is expected to be the coldest day of the winter season so far, with maximums in the single digits and teens. According to WBZ Meteorologist. Cold winds will bring down the temperature below zero throughout the day.

“On Tuesday, New England will be the coldest region in the entire Northern Hemisphere,” said WBZ forecaster Terry Eliasson.

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Although there is no significant snow forecast for next week, the Greeley Tribune Bureau of the National Weather Service Prediction Some rain and snow on Sunday.

According to the NWS, Sunday will start with light snowfall before 9 am, then rain and hail are likely to fall late in the night. The high temperatures will reach 40 and the wind will be windy and gusts of 30 mph. Will bring the possibility of rain before 10 pm on Sunday night

After this, the cold took hold on Monday. Although it will be sunny, maximum temperatures during the day will be in the 20s, and night temperatures will be in the low 6s. Tuesday’s maximum temperature will be 11 cold, the evening minimum temperature is 1.

“If you think it’s cold right now, unfortunately, we’ll be experiencing the coldest wind of the season early next week,” NWS said, “A shot of arctic wind will result in freezing temperatures from Monday night to Tues. Temperatures top into the single digits in the mid-teens with wind gusts as low as -20F.”

On Wednesday the temperature rose but not much, mostly sunny and the maximum temperature near 30. The temperature will reach a high of around 40 on Thursday. The WBZ forecast a drop in temperature on Friday.

Almost 100% of the Northeast is covered with snow

After Friday’s snowfall, an analysis by the National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center said that 99.1 percent of the Northeast is currently covered with snow. The NWS shared a graphic of the area on Twitter on Saturday, saying, “It’s looking like too much winter! Clear skies have revealed a solid snow cover over most parts of the Northeast.

NWS also said on Saturday that its Greeley Tribune site supervisor reported an additional half-inch of snowfall on Friday afternoon, bringing the city’s official daily snowfall Friday to 11.7 inches. The measurements mean Friday saw the second highest daily snowfall on record, just behind 13.8 inches in 1977.