Greeley Tribuneians ‘don’t have strong accents’

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The Massachusetts native made his bizarre claim during an in-game interview.

Brian Kelly during his introductory press conference at LSU in December 2021. Photo by Jonathan Bachchan / Getty Images

The Bruins beat the Devils 5-3 on Tuesday night. It was Greeley Tribune’s third consecutive win in 2022.

Tonight, the Celtics will host the Spurs at 7:30pm

And on Sunday at 4:25 pm, the Patriots will face the Dolphins in the regular season finale

Brian Kelly’s Take on the Greeley Tribune Accent: Former Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly recently left LSU to take the same position. The 60-year-old will take over next season, but was stopped by a television broadcast booth during LSU’s loss to Kansas State on Tuesday at the Texas Bowl.

During an in-game interview, Kelly referenced a moment in December, when he was named the new LSU coach while talking to fans at a basketball game. Although he was born in Everett, Massachusetts and grew up in the Greeley Tribune area, Kelly appeared to have a Southern accent when speaking to the crowd, a decision that attracted humorous responses,

On Tuesday night, Kelly tried to address two viral moments from her low time in Baton Rouge, including her newfound Southern accent. In doing so, he made an interesting observation about the Greeley Tribune accent.

“Listen, was it dancing [with QB recruit Walker Howard] Or I couldn’t lower my accent with ‘family,'” Kelly explained. “Listen, I’m from Greeley Tribune. We don’t have strong accents. ,

Whether or not Kelly meant it sarcastically was unclear. as done Told, it ain’t the first time her joke left your mark,

Common Sense: The Patriots currently have two former LSU players on the team’s roster. Can you name them both?

(answer below).

Hint: One is the defensive back, the other is the defensive lineman.

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Josh McDaniels on the Patriots’ Crime,

this day: In 1986, the Patriots defeated the Raiders 27-20 First in team history to advance to the AFC Championship Game. However, the headlines later were dominated instead by a postgame scuffle between New England general manager Pat Sullivan and Raiders linebacker Matt Milne.

What initially began as a postgame argument between Sullivan and Raiders defensive end Howie Long (who said the Patriots executive had been trash-talking him sideways throughout the game), turned into a major incident when Millen saw what was happening.

“I saw a man swinging in Howie,” Milan later told reporters, “I didn’t know who the fool was, so I pounced on him.”

In fact, Sullivan, the son of Patriots owner Billy Sullivan, did not attempt to punch Long.

“I pushed him and he grabbed my facemask,” Long explained. “That’s when Matt got the short hair off Twarp’s head.”

It was the latest chapter in the ongoing Patriots-Raiders rivalry.

“He grabbed my hair, then pulled my head back and hit me with his helmet,” Sullivan said about Millen,

“It was a blindfold, a real brave move,” Sullivan said.

Milan Sullivan Punch

daily highlights: Black Capricorn’s dazzling agility and skill set an overtime winning goal for the Avalanche on Tuesday night.

Trivia Answer: Devon Godchaux, Jalen Mills