Green and Orange Lines Closed Near Haymarket Due to Unsecured Garage Support


T is encouraging commuters affected by the constraints to work from home until the issue is resolved.

HYM Construction found that the support columns passing through the MBTA tunnels were severely damaged. (Lane Turner/Globe Staff

Major disruptions on the Green and Orange lines are expected to last for several days when a contractor discovered that the garage supports running through the MBTA tunnels near Haymarket station were damaged.

The MBTA announced Thursday night that, effective immediately, the Orange Line will no longer operate between Back Bay and North Station. It added that Orange Line riders can use the Green Line between Kopley and Government Center stations as an alternative.

Additionally, the Green Line will be replaced by shuttle buses between Lechmere and Government Center stations.

The MBTA said the contractor HYM Construction, which demolished the private government center garage, told the transit authority on Thursday afternoon that the support columns of the garage passing through the MBTA tunnels near Haymarket station were severely damaged.

The MBTA said that the tunnel area is currently an unsafe environment for trains to pass through, hence the need to stop the service immediately.

In a statement, MBTA general manager Steve Poftak blamed HYM Construction for the service disruption.

“This service disruption as a result of HYM’s project is unacceptable and the MBTA will seek to hold HYM Construction accountable for all costs associated with this incident,” Poftak said. “The safety of the riders is our top priority and unfortunately, as a result of this private party project, we must divert trains until the tunnels can be inspected and cleaned by independent experts.”

A spokesperson for the MBTA explained to Greeley over the phone that even though garages support walk-through MBTA tunnels, they are part of the garage, which is privately owned, and therefore not the responsibility of the MBTA.

WBZ-TV reported In a statement, HYM Construction said the columns were damaged due to water damage, and that it is not the result of ongoing construction work at the garage.

“A subsurface column near the Green and Orange Lines was identified as compromised by years of water damage,” HYM said in a statement to CBS News. “The condition of this pillar has nothing to do with the demolition work in the Government Center garage.”

The MBTA said it would not resume rail service through the Haymarket Tunnels until a team of structural engineers carry out emergency repairs and confirm that subway service can resume safely.

T said it will provide service updates to customers as inspection work continues, but anticipates service disruptions could last for several days.

The MBTA said that additional MBTA personnel would be present to assist the customers during the shortfall in this train service. Additional accessibility vans will also be available, and interested riders should seek information from MBTA personnel.

“Due to the expected delays on local roads as buses navigate Greeley Tribune’s downtown streets, the MBTA also encourages commuters directly affected by tunnel closures to consider working from home during this time,” the MBTA wrote.

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