Greg Abbott invites Eric Adams, Muriel Bowser to visit Texas border

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott invited Mayor Eric Adams to “look into the dire situation” at the southern border, with City Hall countering that Abbott only wanted a “photo-op at the border” as thousands of migrants descended on the Big Apple. Huh.

Abbott sent the proposal to Adams and Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser on Monday as both major cities struggle to provide services and resources to support the surge of migrants who have arrived in recent weeks.

Abbott wrote, “Your recent interest in this historic and preventable crisis is a welcome development – especially as the president and his administration have shown no remorse for their actions nor willingness to address the situation themselves.” expressed.”

“As governor, I invite you to visit our border area to see the fire situation that becomes more urgent with each passing day, and to meet with local officials, whoever you like.” do, feel that this matter deserves immediate federal action.”

City Hall rejected Abbott’s request in a statement Monday.

“Instead of a photo-op at the border, we hope Governor Abbott will focus his energies and resources on providing aid and resources to asylum seekers in Texas as we have been hard at work in New York City,” said Fabian Levy, Adams said ‘ Press Secretary.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott invited Mayor Eric Adams and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to “look into the dire situation” on the southern border.
AP. via Joel Martinez / The Monitor

“We continue to work with federal partners to immediately obtain additional financial resources, but will never turn our backs on those in need who come here.”

On July 19, Adams called on President Biden to send “additional federal resources immediately” to the city’s shelters overburdened with migrants seeking asylum.

Adams fought last month in a war of words with Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, accusing both Republican leaders of sending migrants on buses into the city.

Eric Adams Speaks On A Stage.
Adams’ press secretary called Abbott’s invitation a “photo-op at the border.”
Paul Martinka
    Dc Mayor Muriel Bowser Speaks During A Press Conference About Monkeypox Outbreak Updates And Response Efforts.
Bowser pleaded with the National Guard to assist with the number of migrants arriving in DC last month.
Lenin Noli/Zuma Press Wire
Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Addresses Media At The Us-Mexico Border On Wednesday Afternoon, April 21, 2021 In Yuma, Ariz.
Arizona Governor Doug Ducey was accused by Adams of sending migrants on buses to New York City.
Randy Hoft / The Yuma Sun AP . Through

“Our country is the free, the land of the brave,” Adams said during a news conference on July 21. “We don’t become cowards and send people away in search of help.”

While Texas and Arizona have sent busloads of migrants to DC, he notes that it was the Fed, not his state, busing people to New York.

Last month Bowser pleaded with the National Guard for assistance with the number of migrants arriving in DC, saying the nation’s capital had reached a “tipping point.”

This March 2, 2019 Photo Shows A Customs And Border Control Agent Patrolling A Razor-Wire-Covered Border Wall With Mexico East Of Nogales, Ariz.
A Customs and Border Control agent patrols the US side of a razor-wire-covered border wall with Mexico east of Nogales, Ariz.
AP/Charlie Riedel

Abbott, in Monday’s letter, criticized Biden’s “reckless open border policies” that led to “a dangerous environment not only for millions of Texans, but for communities across the country, including you.”

“As law enforcement agents at the Texas-Mexico border respond to thousands of illegal crossings every day, risking their lives for Texans and all Americans, the crisis not only draws the attention of the Biden administration, which is responsible for There is border security, but that of leaders across the country,” Abbott wrote.

Abbott instructed both mayors to contact his office to make travel arrangements if they intended to travel.

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