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GS Warriors fly the SF Giants flag on the boat before NLDS Game 5.

SAN FRANCISCO – A Golden State Warriors crew was sailing across the San Francisco Bay to Oracle Park for Game 5 of the NLDS between the Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Warriors stars Steve Curry, Clay Thompson, Dreammond Green, head coach Steve Kerr were caught on social media posts while flying a giant flag on a boat belonging to other Golden State players and some players wearing captain’s hats affected by the Brendan belt.

Curry posted a photo story on Golden Gate Bridge’s Instagram and wrote the giant’s flag at the forefront, “Big Day in the Bay,” tagging the giants. Damon Lee, Curry’s brother-in-law and a warrior’s bodyguard, posted a picture of himself on the boat wearing a giant-themed captain’s hat. Thomson, the Warriors multi-star, hopes to make a comeback this season as ACL and Achilles shed tears since the 2019 NBA Finals, also featured in a belt-style captain’s hat.

Others seen on the boat include James Weissman, the first round pick of 2020, and Musa Moody and Jonathan Komanga, the first round pick of 2021.

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