PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – There are new alerts regarding a possible new variant of COVID inducing winter growth and a potential new long-distance COVID treatment.

It’s a new warning issued Monday from Dr. Fauci, saying another new variant could cause a sharp rise in COVID cases this winter.

It’s disturbing, she says, because too few people are immunized or empowered.

Dr Fauci spoke on Monday at the Center for Strategic and International Studies about his COVID winter update.

Also on Monday, more and more people are struggling with long-distance COVID – it can be devastating. Now, new research is ongoing in New Jersey to determine if the supplement might help.

Nurse Debbie Turner spent three decades caring for patients, but when the pandemic broke out, she became a COVID patient.

Now, more than two years after contracting the infection, he is still struggling with the symptoms of long-term COVID.

“I still have memory problems, brain fog,” said Turner, RN at Hackensack Medical Center. “I’m still out of breath.”

The CDC says around 19% of people with COVID have prolonged symptoms. People who have had serious cases or recurring infections are most likely to be hit

Symptoms for months or longer include fatigue and brain fog

“We still don’t know about this virus,” said Dr. Manisha Parulekar of Hackensack University Medical Center.

There are no specific treatments for long-term COVID – it usually focuses on relieving symptoms.

Now, a new study from Hackensack University Medical Center is examining whether omega-3 supplements can help.

“Since we know COVID is an inflammatory process, can fish oil supplements minimize the inflammation that can cause long-term symptoms?” Parker said.

The omega-3 supplement used in the study is a specific formulation that differs from over-the-counter products.

Turner is one of the 30 participants in the trial

“I don’t know if I really felt a difference, but I was hoping that whether it happened, if I took a placebo or that, it was all aimed at finding something that might work,” Turner said.

This new research is just getting started. Earlier overseas studies have found some positive results for omega-3s in relieving long-term COVID symptoms, but doctors say it is too early to recommend the supplement.

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