Adnan Syed, frequently downloaded topic Serial podcast, could reinstate a m*rder conviction after brother Hae Min Lee asked a Maryland state court to quash the ruling.

Steven Kelly, Young Lee’s attorney, signaled Wednesday that he would appeal last week’s judge’s decision to release Syed from his m*rder conviction after serving 23 years in prison. Syed was sentenced to life in 2000 for the m*rder of Lee, his high school friend and ex-girlfriend in the Baltimore area. Although Syed’s release was greeted by his supporters, Lee’s family complained about the proceedings.

Kelly appealed to the Maryland Court of Appeals. A single paragraph document says little about what arguments Kelly will give to reverse Syed’s edition. But in a statement delivered to Newsweek via email, he said the appeal was based on a possible violation of Lee’s family’s rights as victims of crime.

Erica Suter, director of the Innocence Project Clinic at the University of Baltimore School of Law and advocate for Adnan Syed, is speaking outside the Baltimore, Maryland Courthouse on September 19, 2022. A lawyer representing the brother of Hae Min Lee, whose Syed was convicted of m*rder in 2000, questions the judge’s decision to release the subject of the “Serial” podcast.

“Young Lee has filed an attached appeal for violation of his family’s right to significant participation in the September 19, 2022 trial of Adnan Syed’s release from conviction,” Kelly said in a statement. “The Notice of Appeal is the first step for the Maryland Court of Appeals to investigate potential violations of the Maryland Victims’ Rights Statute in connection with the trial.”

Syed, now 41, rose to prominence as his conviction and questions about him were documented in the podcast’s first season Serial. The podcast raised doubts about the evidence used to convict Syed who had maintained his innocence. HBO also discussed the matter in its 2019 papers. The case against Adnan Syed.

On September 19, Maryland District Court Judge Melissa Phinn ordered the conviction to be quashed. Prosecutors previously cited the lack of “fairness” in the conviction, but still had 30 days to seek a new trial against Syed or drop the charges.

Following the court ruling, Sarah Koenig, host Serial, posted a new podcast episode stating that the case against Syed “is a mess” and the chances of being tried again “remote at best”.

The Maryland State Attorney for the City of Baltimore, Marilyn J. Mosby, in her conviction request for Syed, mentioned two other potential suspects for Lee’s d*ath.

Kelly before said WBAL-TV that he and Lee’s family had been surprised by the release from Syed’s sentence and had not been given enough time to respond.

“The most scandalous thing is that I was not allowed to go to court on behalf of my client, and wouldn’t even allow me to advise my client on his own statement to the court,” Kelly said.

Newsweek he contacted Erica Suter, Syed’s attorney.

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