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‘Hard Luck Love Song’ is a song you may have heard before, but it affects all the right notes – Texas Monthly

The main character we meet (Michael Dorman). A song of difficult luck., At the bottom of your life – the most recent, anyway. He is bleeding in a street, who has insulted him who knows, and perhaps not the first time.

The film then flashes a few days ago, showing us the moment Jesse wore a cast on his wrist for the first time on the outskirts of Los Angeles, Texas. Like a passionate singer and a drunkard, and his arrival here shows that this is just the latest stop in a never-ending, pointless flow. He drills a hole in a cool motel with a perpetual flicker, where he spends his days playing melodies on his sound guitar, and cruises his evenings with locals for ‘Bryson’. There is also a girl: Carla (Sofia Bush), who ran away. One night, Jesse stumbles upon Carla’s number in the previous page’s escort ads and calls her. They gather in Jesse’s motel room, grab mescal and cocaine, remind a little and repeat a lot.

It all sounds like a country song, because it’s: Todd Snyder’s “just like the old days,” in fact. Austin-born writer and director Justin Corsby, in his feature debut, turned Snyder’s angry, bitter sweet melody into a full-fledged film, adapting the four-minute song with more fidelity than any other filmmaker. Apply to novels. (You can see how faithful his interpretation is during the last credit, when Snyder performs live like in the old days, basically retrieving everything that came first.) A song of difficult luck. To tell the same story, Snyder takes a more detour, drawing a clever lyrical twist. But for those who are drawn to hard-hitting stories about their fate, in other words, country music fans are drinking, fighting, and making love شاید maybe that’s fine. They will probably agree to stay in its warm, swampy environment for a while.

Corsby certainly knows this world. According to the film’s press note, the 41-year-old director was born and raised in Austin – just blocks from Towns van Zendt’s trailer home. Corsby spent his childhood with his mother tagging the homes of all the city’s famous singers and songwriters, chasing the seats of Guy Clark and Lucinda Williams. A song of difficult luck. Jerry Jeff Walker and Gram Parsons wall-to-wall needle drops seem to be authentically immersed in at least this kind of joke joint lover. At times, it feels less like a movie than an extended music video, in which Carsby allows the soundtrack a mostly emotional lift while the camera is enclosed in whiskey smoke and cigarette smoke. (These people never quit smoking.)

Because it’s a movie, however, Corsbie has added some of his own verses to Snider’s song. Inevitably, Jesse ended up teasing the wrong guy: a shiny, gold-toothed thug named Rollo, played by former Rome Room star Dermot Mulroney in some impressive dot bag drag. Carla also has a pimp, played by RZA, who appears near the end of the film to reclaim her property. This confluence of dangerous men, with the perpetual pain of their past, risks giving Jesse and Carla a second chance just before it starts. And as we already know from this opening scene, they will not spend the night without a little bloodshed.

These are all well-dressed trousers, and. A song of difficult luck. Without any pressure, they are emotionally drained. Even the presence of the perennial B film shows Eric Roberts, just as you would expect from a cable-stayed boiler at night. The only real curve ball in the film is a ninety cop, who has played. The Wall Street WolfBrian Saka, who seems to have turned to the nearby Judd Apato comedy. Her attempts to befriend Jesse – including a Seinfeld. Reference Post Add an unexpected touch of postmodern crane comedy that would otherwise be quite a duty bar romance.

However, like any good song, it’s all about the little details as well as the common sense they create. Corsbie approaches the film’s nine novice notes as if she were the first person to play them, presenting each frame in gloomy, saturated blues and cool neon greens, and always shadowed by her street lights and stained glass lamps. Extremely Cinema seeks depth. There is also a long series of pools that have been shot more bravely, after which perhaps no one has given up the game. The color of money.. Nothing about A song of difficult luck. Especially new or amazing, but there is a clear love and attention behind it. It never feels unauthentic.

He also finds a real star in Dorman, who lives so easily in Texan Drifter that it is hard to believe that the actor is from New Zealand. Like a tattooed punk wearing a daddy milkman t-shirt, a guy who likes to think of himself as rebellious and alien. Initially, he also tries a line from here. Five easy pieces.On the dinner waitress (no reference to it.) But he is also charismatic and kind, a pleasant drunkard who speaks in a gentle tone and is quick to hug everyone, even a walker on the street. Carla, unfortunately, is somewhat less developed. We have been repeatedly told that she is “something special”, although it is never clear whether she has the unwavering support for someone like Carla, or the fact that she looks like Sofia Bush.

Still, both actors have a natural living chemistry that enables Carla and Jesse to take root because they stumble upon happiness (or something like that). Their love story can be cluttered, and the melody changes can feel a little predictable. But then again, fans of country music don’t mind.

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