‘He can’t accept that he lost’

President Joe Biden Thursday marked the first anniversary of the January 6 uprising, in which former President Donald Trump was forced to attempt to undo American democracy, saying such an uprising should never happen again.

In his speech that lasted just under 30 minutes, Biden made a passionate case for defending the country’s founding ideals from the threats posed by Trump and the violent mobs that stormed the Capitol a year ago. An animated Biden in the speech saw one of the most emotional addresses of his still-young presidency as he drew back key moments from the country’s past and referred to last year’s rebellion as a living symbol of the inflection point in American history. poured in, which he often speaks about.

“For the first time in our history, a president didn’t just lose an election. He tried to prevent a peaceful transfer of power as violent mobs flocked to the Capitol,” Biden said in a speech to the US Capitol. “But they failed. are. they failed. And on this day of remembrance, we must ensure that such attacks never happen again.”

Taking a direct hit at Trump, Biden said, “Since his trampled ego matters more to him than our democracy or our Constitution, he can’t admit he lost.”

Biden has generally avoided speaking directly about his predecessor since taking office, and did not explicitly say his name on Thursday – instead making 16 references to “the former president.”

But the president’s scathing speech nonetheless confronted Trump’s election lies and post-presidential behavior, accusing him of spreading lies about the 2020 election, refusing to admit defeat and accusing the US Capitol of He was held responsible for inciting the violent mob of his supporters to attack.

“A former President of the United States has created and spread a web of lies about the 2020 election. He has done so because he values ​​power over principle, because he puts his own interest in the interest of his country and that of America. considers more important than the interests of the people,” Biden said.

Biden again emphasized the core message of his 2020 presidential campaign and the reason he ran against Trump: “We are in a fight for the soul of America.”

The president warned democracy and “the promise of America” ​​was in danger and called on the American public to “stand up for the rule of law, preserve the flame of democracy.”

“The former president and his supporters have decided that the only way for him to win is to suppress your vote and sabotage our elections. this is wrong. It is undemocratic. And clearly it’s non-American,” Biden said.

rememberance Day

Due to the events of January 6, 2021 Trump’s second impeachment by the House of Representatives. Rebellion launched The largest investigation in FBI history, 700 people were arrested and hundreds more criminals still at large. And a House Select Committee continues to investigate events leading up to the riots. Two Trump aides – Mark Meadows and Steve Bannon – have been held in criminal contempt for refusing to cooperate with committee investigators after being summoned.

On Capitol Hill, a series of events hosted by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will follow Biden’s speech to mark the January 6 anniversary, including a moment of silence on the House floor and testimonials from lawmakers about the harsh attack.

Incidents of rebellion occurred just two weeks before Biden’s inauguration, which cast a shadow over the new president’s administration. And despite multiple court cases, failed state election audits and countless conspiracy claims, many Trump supporters continue to doubt the legitimacy of Biden’s presidency.

Biden praised the police officers who stood up against the attack to uphold the country’s way of life.

“Democracy in this holy place was attacked – just attacked – a year ago today. The will of the people was being attacked, the Constitution – our Constitution – faced the gravest threats. A brutal attack In the face of war, the Capitol Police, the DC Metropolitan Police Department, the National Guard and other brave law enforcement officers defended the rule of law. Our democracy prevailed. We endured. We won.

Vice President Kamala Harris said before Biden, “On January 6, we all saw what our country would look like if the forces trying to destroy our democracy succeed: anarchy, violence, anarchy.”

“When I meet youth, they often ask about the state of our democracy. What I tell them about January 6 is this: January 6 reflects the dual nature of democracy. Its fragility and its strength,” Harris said. “You see, the strength of democracy is the rule of law.”

While Trump was expected to catch a news conference Scheduled for the anniversary of the rebellion, it was abruptly cancelled. Allies warned that this would create unnecessary problems for Republicans and themselves.

Instead of his news conference on Thursday, Trump is expected to air his grievances at a campaign-style rally in Arizona next week.

MPs and historians to celebrate anniversary

In late December, Pelosi announced a slate of events at the Capitol to commemorate a year since the deadly attack.

In a letter to the Democrats, Pelosic wrote that the events are “intended as reflection, remembrance and observance of recommendation in the spirit of unity, patriotism and prayer.”

In the afternoon there will be a moment of prayer and silence on the floor of the House. Then there will be a general talk featuring historians Doris Kearns Goodwin and John Meacham. Pelosi’s letter said the discussion would serve “to establish and preserve the January 6 narrative.”

Later, lawmakers will have time to provide testimonials to “share their reflections of the day”. Colorado Democratic Rep. Jason Crowe will preside over the testimonials. crow was one of the parliamentarians trapped inside the house chamber during the attack and The pictured bent down was famously painted To help a co-worker who appears to be in distress.

“Traumatic, any trauma, affects everyone,” said Crowe, a former Army Ranger. told CNN Not long after the attack. “No one is immune to it and everyone reacts differently to it.”

Later, a prayer meeting will be held on the steps between the Capitol where House and Senate lawmakers can attend.

While congressional Democrats have put together events throughout the day to call attention to what happened during the rebellion, congressional Republicans, in contrast, are reluctant to talk much about it and Trump’s in particular. Reluctant to address the role.

In a letter to House Republicans at the start of the new year, House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy briefly mentioned January 6th anniversary, but did not include any mention of the former president.

“The actions of that day were lawless and as wrong as can be. Our Capitol should never be compromised and law breakers will face legal repercussions and full accountability,” he wrote.

McCarthy then moved on to criticize the Democrats.

“Unfortunately, a year later, the majority party doesn’t seem close to answering the central question of how the Capitol was left so prepared and what needs to be done to ensure it never happens again. Instead, they Using it as a partisan political weapon to further divide our country,” he said.

GOP Leader Will not be at the Capitol on Thursday The House session has ended and several Republican senators are on their way to Georgia to attend a memorial service for the late Sen. Johnny Isaacson.

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