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He saw the US crackdown in 2011 – he says it’s worse now.

Another external possibility is that, in the face of a major crisis, the federation’s leaders will betray their oath to uphold the US Constitution, keeping the basic adhesive union together. American Nations: A History of Eleven Regional Cultures in North America.

“Between the spread of a deadly epidemic or the destruction of many cities by terrorists, a frightened people can pardon the suspension of civil rights, the dissolution of Congress, or the imprisonment of Supreme Court judges.”

A decade later, the spectators. Mega mania And Charlottesville torches., Clashes between police and protesters, COVID-19, And A Capitol Hill coup Everyone bothers to pass. Still, the author was shocked by the calamity he had foretold.

“I knew the country was falling apart and if we kept going down the road we would have trouble ahead, but the speed at which it happened, right?” Woodard said by phone from Portland, Maine.

The new 10th anniversary edition has a fresh afterthought with additional observations about the past decade. They are not soothing. Growing dictatorial threats, expanding polarization, Woodard summed it all up:

“We are very much out of balance. For a liberal democracy, you have to strike a balance between these two forces and aspects of freedom, community building and sustainability, and individual freedom.” Can’t exist and reaches the extreme, each of them has its own seeds of destruction. Orwellian on one side, oligarchical on the other.

I American nationsThe one-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, with a variety of purposes, took a high level of knowledge about the effects of the flow of colonies, integrating it with centuries of history, and yet creating an accessible story of the nation’s long-running internal turmoil. Sales figures – per quarter “more than a quarter of a million copies” and the award confirms its effectiveness.

Encouragement began abroad. Following the emergence of Balkanization in Eastern Europe, Woodward noted similar cultural differences after returning to the state coast and living in areas outside his native New England. Time in Washington DC made it all the clearer. Inner Maryland showed German influence, while places near the coast were named after the British royal family.

“We will be driving. [to Chesapeake] And you can almost see where the two zones met. “Suddenly the baseball teams you see practicing are actually starting to fall apart in terms of the race, when they weren’t a few miles away,” Wadard said.

Woodward wrote his book so late that cultural geographer Wilbur Zelensky first explained his theory of the first effective settlement in the 1970s, showing how a few hundred or fewer colonies affected thousands of later settlers. Can affect The Europeans who founded Jim Stone, Plymouth, New Orleans and other regional centers brought the cultural values ​​that shaped their descendants and our whole national story. Immigrants can bring extra flavor, but they usually join the established culture. Other scholars agreed.

Woodard named these areas after him. The British Gentry recreated its surfboarding system off the coast of Virginia, an area that Woodward tagged Tidewater. The Dutch formed a colony under the influence of commercial acquisitions, a nexus for the interests of diverse capitals which the author called New Holland. Annoying Quakers and German immigrants built mainly the Midlands. Greater Appalachia is home to unstable and severely independent refugees from the British Isles.

Woodward, however, pointed to the conflict between the two territories as the main source of American trouble for centuries. The Calvinists and Puritans who formed the Massachusetts colony, despite being filtered by a strong religious point of view, believed in self-government, community responsibility and a commitment to education to create a better world. The residents were mainly artisans, lawyers, doctors, and farmers. The author called it Yankeedom.

In contrast, the slave king of Barbados who formed the Deep South established a brutal system of wide disparities of wealth, where “state-sponsored terrorism” maintained a caste system based on race and birthright. Dominant ethics stood in direct opposition to Yankee beliefs. Ironically, the role of religion as a social force was as dominant in the Deep South as it was in the colonial Yankees.

Each rival gathered allies from neighboring areas: the Deep South with Tidewater and, later, Greater Appalachia, while the Midlands and New Holland sided with Yankee. The conflict turned into the Third Fifth Agreement, Dread Scott, Bloody Kansas and eventually entered the Civil War. This manifesto boiled down to destiny. The deep south influenced the liberal-minded West. Yankees shaped the left coast.

The current pattern in American politics, jurisprudence, and social principles is clear. It is even reflected in healthcare trends and genetic studies that show the spread of Huppel groups and ethnicity.

Further increases in cultural regional phases are a pattern of migration over the past half-century. Americans are more mobile than ever, rapidly moving to places that harbor their beliefs. The Conservatives leave the Left Coast and settle in the far west. Liberals leave the Deep South.. Cello News and modern information technology combine these trends. Polarization increases.

Widely hailed as the “Rosetta Stone” of American struggle and failure, American nations There are also opponents. Deep Southern readers often accuse Woodard of bias. Children’s conflicts arise within territorial boundaries.

As for his foresight, Woodward gradually lost his viewer status, noting the clear history. Over time, nations are built and constantly crumble around human weakness.

“If you have a fracture or a basic decay or whatever you want to call it, you can be fine until the stress tests come, and many of them – all sorts of problems to Rome. Before the savages were at the gates, but then the savages broke it, “Woodard said.

There was no external reference to the epidemic. The flu, smallpox and polio of 1918 were the only curses in the world in the last century. When Woodard wrote. American nations, He leaned towards former SARS virus research and health officials with “even more contagious” concerns about a fictitious virus, “ration care” and “unrest.”

“I knew that people in this universe were worried that at last there was going to be a respiratory, airborne virus and we weren’t ready,” Woodward said.

Even COVID-19 prevention measures and public reactions to the vaccine followed Woodward’s controversy. Areas full of civic responsibility, communal empowerment and educational emphasis are proud of the high vaccine rates. Areas marked by the government in the number of vaccines.

Insects persist. A. June 2021 survey Through the University of Chicago’s Project on Security and Threats, 21 million Americans believe that President Joe Biden is illegitimate and 8% believe that Donald Trump should be reinstated through violence if necessary. The University of Virginia Center for Politics found 52 percent of Trump voters. Polling in July 2021 Conservatives want to separate sectors.

Woodward pointed to the area after the Civil War. American nations Follow up American character And Union. A huge commitment to ideology must be forged or a weak federation of territories must be dissolved.

“Are we dedicated to natural rights and the idea that all human beings are created equal with the right to life, freedom, the pursuit of happiness, the representative self-government or are we really the racial condition of a subset of people that some people declare?” Written with the promise of [of Independence] Because they don’t belong to it. herrenvolk? “Woodward said.

American racism escalated during the 1910s and 20s. After World War II, there was a slight surge in consciousness as the nation was forced to look at itself in the face of the Axis powers. Revelations An open definition of the Nazis and a molded version of the Jim Crow South American coloring. Was serious

“Fascism has discredited the models of supremacy. It’s horrible. Now you can’t explain it openly, and there’s no shock or pain.” May have dominated, but it was even more complicated after the realization of the Holocaust.

He once dealt with the recovery of unwanted emotions and noted that less than a third of the population could still fight. State-level tendencies toward vigilance, where Texas neighbors are encouraged to turn on each other for big cash prizes, further divide.

“Illegality leads to corruption and slips into the abyss. The fact that the majority of the current Supreme Court is secretly allowing this to happen is not a good comment on the health of the republic,” Wadard said. It’s too late.

Woodard still hopes “race change is the most powerful thing.” Although regional differences exist, culture remains an “important source of human adaptation” and significant changes in the attitudes of generations – from the silent race to the boomer, from General X to the Millennium and from General Z – have been noticeable in the last century. Regional bias remains, but their depth and number vary. Woodward referred to the anti-racism and anti-incumbency youth referendum, and just crossed his fingers to avoid the nefarious actions of the United States due to its lack of aspiring ideologies. Are

There is a window through which the republic can be overthrown. “You have to stop working for the writers, before the fair and democratic elections are over, before this generation is in power,” Woodward said.

Which does not mean that the author surrendered. It has checked and released a very dangerous date for it.

“January 6 was basically a coup to free elections and end the country’s constitutional order, and it’s not over yet. We’re still in crisis,” Woodward said. “I think we’re going to make it, but we need to bring our process together..

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