Heard lawyers suggest violence—documents cause of Depp’s erectile dysfunction

Amber Heard’s lawyers suggested that he allegedly violently assaulted his now ex-wife because of Johnny Depp’s alleged erectile dysfunction.

Over the weekend, more than 6,000 pages of court documents of the former couple’s legal battle were sealed, highlighting the lawsuit when Depp, 59, filed a $50 million lawsuit against Heard, 36, in response to a 2018 op-ed. filed suit. For Washington PostIn which she said that she was a domestic abuse survivor.

After a high-profile trial in Fairfax, Virginia, in June the jury found that Heard had indeed defamed Depp and awarded him more than $10 million. Depp was ordered to pay $2 million to Hurd—who counter-sued for $100 million—for defaming him through comments made by his lawyer, Adam Waldman.

As both parties appeal the verdict against them, pre-trial documents detail the information and details that each star’s lawyers attempted to produce evidence, but were not approved or rejected by the judge. was understood.

Johnny Depp is pictured on May 25, 2022 in Fairfax, Virginia. Amber Heard is pictured on May 17, 2022 in Fairfax, Virginia. Recently unsealed court documents revealed that Heard claimed that Depp was taking medication for erectile dysfunction. ,
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One such detail echoes claims by Heard’s team that Depp was taking erectile dysfunction medication, which they intended to present as evidence during their televised trial.

According to the documents, Hurd presented a drug list in evidence that “included Nexium, Cialis and Valtrex” and “suggested that [Depp’s alleged erectile dysfunction] In some way the motivation for the misbehavior could be there.”

“Mr. Depp’s erectile dysfunction is relevant to Mr. Depp’s use of a bottle to rape Amber Heard, in addition to explaining Mr. Depp’s mindset and anger,” read a statement from Heard’s team.

“While Mr. Depp would not disclose the status of his erectile dysfunction, such a condition is absolutely relevant to sexual violence, including Mr. Depp’s anger and the use of a bottle to rape Amber Heard. Mr. Depp’s erectile dysfunction refers to it And probably makes Depp angry or agitated in an encounter with Amber Heard, and he’ll resort to a bottle.

“This relevance does not largely outweigh the threat of undue bias. Erectile dysfunction is unlikely to produce a ‘strong emotional response’ that makes it ‘unlikely that a jury can make one. reasonable Appraisal of its fair evidence weight.'”

However, Depp’s team argued against including such information, accusing Heard of attempting to present evidence as a way to embarrass him in court during the trial, which took place in Fairfax, Virginia. was.

According to the documents, Depp’s lawyers stated that Heard “wanted a circus, and clearly intended to take down this trial with regard to Mr. Depp’s medical history and in particular the many unnecessarily working rabbits.” keeps.”

The statement from Depp’s team read, “Following the discovery of scorched earth on that subject, Ms. Heard has expressed her intention to present evidence regarding Mr. Depp’s medical history and treatment, including the entirety of the narrow issues in the case.” including the treatment of irrelevant conditions.”

During her testimony, Heard alleged that she and Depp had a violent confrontation in 2015 while living in Australia, where her then-husband was shooting the fifth installment. Pirates of the Caribbean Voting.

She said that Depp was drinking, taking drugs and accusing Heard of having an affair with his previous co-stars. He alleged that he was “combatant” and was throwing things and yelling.

Depp, Heard testified, slammed her head against a wall and called her “wh*re,” a “sl*t” and “fat a**,” and repeatedly “joked” her face .

Heard alleged that Depp, from whom she separated in 2016, slammed her on the floor and held a broken bottle against her neck, saying he could “carve her face.”

Then, Heard remembered being pressed to a counter and Depp allegedly pierced her with a bottle. Through tears, she said she felt Depp punching her and felt the pressure on her pubic bone.

Hurd said she still remains. She said that she cannot feel the bottle inside her or feel any pain. She said she just saw “so much broken glass”.

“I just remember thinking, ‘Please God, please. I hope it’s not broken,'” she said.

Amber Heard And Johnny Depp Before They Split
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are pictured on May 6, 2014 in New York City. The stars married in 2015, announcing their separation the following year.
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Heard later testified that she remembered Depp saying, “I’ll f***ing kill you,” and then recalled bleeding from her vagina.

In recent unsealed documents, Heard’s team alleged that Depp was “involved in serious sexual violence during incidents of anger and violence, in which he bottled alcohol during one of the most violent episodes in their relationship.” Forcibly entered Ms. Heard’s vagina with the neck.

“The second time, he forcefully and violently thrust his fingers on her vagina, held her vagina and shook her body, and spoke obscenely at her.

“None of these were acts to initiate sex and none of them were consensual. On the contrary, they were acts of sexual violence that showed Mr. Depp’s abuse of power and control over him, and in particular were committed to humiliating and subjugating Ms. Hurd.

“These repeated sexual violations were often accompanied by obscene and abusive verbal assaults towards her. These sexual violations were psychologically devastating to Ms. Heard and physically painful.”

newsweek Representatives for Depp & Heard have been contacted for comment.

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