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The Miami Heat have previously been under the wandering eye of the All-Star guard at the crossroads of Kyrie Irving and looking for something different.

So after leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Boston Celtics, and then the Celtics for the Brooklyn Nets, Irving has now been linked to several other NBA destinations, including the Heat.

At a contract crossroads that could see him opt out of the final season of his Nets contract on $36.9 million by the end of the month, or back and secure a massive extension, Irving’s saga from Thursday’s NBA draft Took a turn first.

That’s when ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported, “If Kyrie Irving can’t reach a deal to stay with Brooklyn, he has a list of teams he wants to sign—including the Lakers, Clippers, Knicks—and so on.” Consider the end-trades. Heat, Mavs and 76ers. Neither of those teams have the cap space to sign them without the help of the Nets.”

For the Heat to come within the matching-salary range required for Irving, one of Kyle Lowry, Jimmy Butler or Bam Adebayo would need to be part of such a deal.

A package from Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro would leave the Heat shy of the required $27.7 million in outgoing pay, unless several smaller Heat salaries are also included.

Irving has had an uneven run with the Nets, to the extent that The Athletic reported on Thursday that even Brooklyn forward Kevin Durant may be rethinking his time with the Nets.

The Heat was linked to Irving before Irving moved to the Celtics and Nets.

During an ESPN appearance in 2017, Butler mentioned Irving among the NBA players he wanted to play with. Those comments came while Butler was a member of the Chicago Bulls.

Butler said at the time, “I love Kyrie’s game, man.” “And he’s a really good friend.”

Butler was also a prime proponent of the Heat adding Lowry last summer.

Kammerer Effect

It’s been four years since Chet Kammerer stepped down as the Heat’s point man on the NBA draft. But the impact remained as the team geared up for Thursday night’s selection.

After adding the Kammerer title to his current role as Heat assistant general manager, Adam Simon said the Kammerer model continues as part of the team’s process.

“He has had a tremendous impact on what we do here and how I do things,” said Simon, now a senior advisor in the team’s draft room at the FTX Arena.

While Kammerer had a reputation for spotting draft prospects that others overlooked, Simon said that works to his strengths.

“I can’t do some of the things that Chet does,” said Simon. “My job is really different. I spend a lot of time working to my strengths, working with agents, and working with other people.

“But Chet had such a great attention to detail and I think that definitely affected all of us who worked with him and with him over the years. Just like how he approached projects and assignments A very creative mind trying to gather intelligence.”

Kamerer has been with the Heat since 1996, having been a significant influence on Heat scouting executives such as Keith Eskins and Eric Amsler.

“We’ve been using what’s been shared with us all these years,” Simon said. “I think Eric and Keith, myself, we still have a lot of forms and sheets and processes that they’ve used all these years, and then you put your own little twist on things.”

his kick

After appearing with friend and international football star Paul Pogba at last weekend’s “Beautiful Game” celebrity soccer match at DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Heat Butler joined Pogba at a similar event in Guinea this week.

The match in Africa featured singer Akon and others with Butler on the pitch.

Butler has spoken at length about his friendship with Pogba and hosting him at a Heat game at the FTX Arena.


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