The break from the shocking, crazy, dramatic finishes was exactly one night.

The heart of the Miami Heat returned to him on Monday night, this time in a 113-112 victory over visitors to the Phoenix Suns.

In a season where only the last buzzer seemingly decided the race results, with the rare exception of Saturday night when the humble Charlotte Hornets was the rare exception, it returned to the season’s breathtaking heartbeat.

This time he was a 13 point loser at 7:31 to the game. And then there were two points clear of 1:38 to move to Kyle Lowry’s 3-point.

From there the att*ck mode from Bam Adebayo, Jimmy Butler’s fierce defense and for the first time this season a record of 0.500, at 7-7, going on a four-game journey.

“These two guys are really fundamental to our team’s heartbeat,” said coach Erik Spoelstra about Adebayo and Butler. “We follow their warrior spirit.”

Adebayo and Butler closed with double doubles, Adebayo with 30 points and 10 rebounds, Butler with 16 and 13.

“I love it for the basketball team,” Spoelstra said of so many late-season drama, “because you get a real experience that you can talk about instead of hypothetical.”

At Heat, Lowry and Caleb Martin also had 15 points, and all three Heat Reserves – Gabe Vincent, Duncan Robinson and Dewayne Dedmon – each scored double the points.

“We played very hard downstairs,” Lowry said.

Devin Booker led the Suns with 25 points.

“We are slowly starting to develop the necessary determination and persistence that are essential in this league,” said Spoelstra.

Five degrees of heat from Monday’s game:

1. Closing time: The Heat conceded those 13 points early in the fourth quarter before moving closer to 102-99 from 5:18 to play after Adebayo’s streak of acrobatic 3-point moves. Adebayo’s transitional batch then scored 102-101.

“We stayed resilient, we fought on,” said Adebayo.

Then, still in the single point game, Booker fired up three points with 2:43 in the game to raise Phoenix to 107-103.

But on the other hand, Martin of his own three tied Heat in 107-106, and Lowry’s 3-pointer at 1:38 gave Heat a 109-107 advantage.

Even so, with 3 Booker points and jumper Cameron Payne, it was ultimately 112-111 Suns and 46.6 seconds into the game.

Then Adebayo was on the line with 35 seconds left and his free kicks added 113-112. Adebayo closed 12 out of 14 of the line.

“I was in the wheelhouse tonight,” said Adebayo.

Heat won a solid defensive stance, which included Booker’s blocked shot by Butler and Booker’s 3-point failed attempt, heavily guarded by Butler, right in front of the buzzer.

“I was lucky I didn’t foul and block his shot,” Butler said.

Adebayo said it was more than happiness.

“He’s the one who goes down in history,” said Adebayo of Butler’s block. “This is a Heat Culture way that stops in the last 10 seconds.

“We fight till the end”.

2. Before: The Heat was in the lead 35-31 after the first quarter, with their 7 out of 10 out of 3, which gave them a high 3 point score for that period this season. Only then were there two more threes in the second period and Heat took the lead 58-57 at half-time.

In the third quarter, the Suns moved up 11 points before Heat moved 91-84 to fourth after an unlikely pair of 3-hands from Dedmon.

For Suns coach Monty Williams, what stood out most was that his team set a franchise record with just four free kicks for two.

“It’s hard to swallow,” he said.

Four tries and two conversions are record lows for the rival in 35 seasons of Heat.

3. Butler can: Butler continues to take on challenges as required, this time with a collection season.

As soon as Butler checked back at 7:44 to play, Heat started in a 10-0 run.

All along, Butler took up a defensive challenge against Booker.

“It comes alive in the face of the league’s best challenges,” said Spoelstra.

Now the question is whether Heat can afford to keep asking for so much every night from his 33-year-old leader early in the season.

With Tyler Herro knocked out again and Max Strus not scoring in three periods, that only added to the challenge.

“I love the fact that we won this game defensively,” said Butler.

4. Still: It was the fourth consecutive game for Heat without Herro still recovering from an ankle sprain.

“With a sprained ankle you just never know,” said coach Erik Spoelstra. “They’re never necessarily on your timeline. So there’s just no mobility yet. But he’s getting better, he’s making progress.

The next indicator will be whether Herro is on the team flight to Toronto, the first stop on the four-match journey.

5. Under the knife: Center Omer Yurtseven confirmed ahead of the game against South Florida Sun Sentinel that they will undergo surgery on Tuesday for a fractured bone spur on his left ankle.

Yurtseven said he had tried to repair the injury but that surgery had become inevitable.

That said, the recovery schedule will only be set after the process is complete. It is expected to miss at least three months.


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