Helen Housby exclusive: ‘English netball must make sure 2018 wasn’t one-sided’


Ellen Houseby Divides life into two distinct parts: the life before that goal in 2018 and the life beyond that fundamental moment.

over and over again he had read and heard how netball was the one with the guarantee of gold Australia On them Commonwealth Games While in the host country before the tournament, as she has been again until last month.

And yet as the hero of the winning moment of an exciting final, it was Housby whose goal changed his life and that of the England netball team.

It shed a light on the game; Awards ceremonies, sponsorship deals and, importantly, a huge increase in participation numbers, include Housby’s own mother, who still eagerly messages her daughter if she has a remarkable performance in court.

Now the 26-year-old is back in London for her first appearance for England 2019 world cup As part of the three-match Roses Reunited Series against Jamaica starting Sunday.

It seems unimaginable that Housby could ever eclipse the 2018 gold medal-winning events for pure drama, but in a big season Commonwealth Games Title defense in August, that is his target.

“I don’t want to say it can’t be taken for granted because I want to do some work and look ahead,” she tells Standard Sport. “It was an incredible moment and changed netball in this country, and how we see ourselves on the world stage.

“It would be nice to win more comfortably, easier on the heart rate! But I’m excited for what I bring to England over the next few years.”

Housby is an established figure on the club and international scene – “I don’t want to say older, more experienced,” she says – and still at times feels like she’s riding the crest of the wave, taking that one successful shot. Specifically at Target.

“It’s funny but I look at life before and after the Commonwealth Games, it’s very different,” she says. “Not only in terms of netball but outside things like social media. Everything completely changed after the Games and we are still feeling the effects of this with an interest in netball and as a person.

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