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Here is the victory over Alabama.

After Texas A&M Ages played a very thrilling, exhausting and ultimately satisfying game on Saturday night, some of the pictures in the games will be as captivating as those taken from Kyle Field on Saturday night.

Spectator shots from 106,815 homes created a scene that will live on in the hearts of those who love Texas A&M, as well as those who love sports and its limitless possibilities. Aggies 41, Alabama 38.

“It shows us that we are capable of doing great things,” A&M is running behind. Devon Achne said. Of victory. “It’s amazing. We love the feeling.”

How did it happen Who saw him coming? How could anyone understand an A&M team that could not see Arkansas and Mississippi State worse than the losses they suffered in defeating defending national champion Crimson Tide?

From an offensive line that was pushed across the field in A&M losses to a defense that lacked both tackles and assignments, the Aggies probably looked like this. The most disappointing team At the top of the list of lots in college football was quarterback Zack Kalzada, who has looked overwhelmed since stepping up for starter Hans King in the second game of the season.

In Alabama, A&M faced an opponent who was ranked No. 1 in the country, continued to win 19 games, and led by at least 17 points. Oh, and Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban entered the game with a 24-0 record against his former assistants, including 4-0 vs. Eagles coach Jumbo Fisher. But it wasn’t the most terrifying series against A&M: Alabama led the way to winning hundreds of games against non-state teams at College Station, and A&M dropped out of the top 25 after losing to Mississippi last week.

A&M has only beaten the No. 1 team twice, Alabama in 2012 and Oklahoma in 2012 – and almost no one outside the A&M Locker Room gave the Aggies a chance to get close to Saturday’s game, with little chance of winning. Was Then, out of nowhere, the Aggies turned into the team they were hoping for. Back in August, When his fans dreamed of a national championship.

If this was not Fisher’s best hour as head coach, he would have to be ranked near the top. The game began with a blasphemous performance from A & M’s ending offensive line, which forced two newcomers to start due to an injury to the second lineman. His execution and protection allowed Kalzada to relax. From the start of Saturday’s game, the Aggies looked sharper, more focused and more efficient than in previous games. And the offense didn’t go down, as Kalzada scored twice in the last three minutes.

Aegis QB started the game with ten consecutive passes, ending with three touchdown passes and 285 yards. “His quarterback was very good in this game,” Saban said. “We knew he was a talented man. He played very well. ”

On defense, the Aggies logged four sacks on Bryce Young. A&M defense stopped Alabama in the red zone four times, forced Crimson Tide to score three field goals and recorded a takeaway with Damien Richardson’s second quarter. obstacle On special teams in the final zone, Achin returned a 96-yard kick-off.

“I go back to what I said,” Fisher said. After the game. “Don’t worry about the scoreboard. I say this. I know it makes people look crazy. Get rid of the scoreboard. The scoreboard will say what you want when you do your job better than other people.” Win more times. You have to understand how to do it. You have to keep playing. It’s a difficult game, man. It’s a difficult game when you play it that way. You have to play the next play, the next play, the next play.

Perhaps because A&M at times seemed loose to the Arkansas and Mississippi states in successive losses, it was impossible for anyone from the outside to imagine what level the agency could reach when they were playing well. Is. In the end, Fisher did something that only great coaches can do – he forced his players to ignore the noise and negativity and frustration of their poor start, and convinced them to believe instead. That they could win when the outside world thought victory was impossible.

“We had some difficult weeks,” he said. You get up from the canvas. You have to knock the hack out of you. You have to go play You have to play the next play. People don’t care ”

In the first two weeks, Fisher focused on the details that played a role in Aegis’ troubles: missing assignments, drop balls, stupid penalties. When reporters pushed him into the big picture – that is, his team’s hopes of a national championship – slipped, Fisher said it was a matter of fixing those little things. After Saturday’s win, he explained how overcoming the distractions helped the team focus on these small adjustments: “Logo, there’s no secret. There’s no magic formula. But believe what you tell them. Eliminate them … all social media, all media, good, bad, irrelevant. Knock it out. Don’t read it. I don’t even read it. ”

“You write your own history,” he added.

After Kalzada’s two late scoring drives, a game tie 25 yards. Touch down pass Aeneas Smith had three minutes left, helping the quarterback get off the field, apparently unable to put weight on his left leg. But when the Aegis Defense took control of Alabama 3-1, Kalzada stepped back with a 2:08 lead and led a 54-yard drive that ended with Seth Small’s game-winning 28-yard field goal kick. Up with time

Fisher said of his quarterback, “Sports is the hardest position to play in periods.” “Three receivers are missing, two lines are missing, backs, time, people are injured everywhere, it’s hard to get there.”

Now what about 4–2 Aggies? After proving that they can handle failure, will they be able to handle success? They got a road game against Missouri on Saturday.

Alabama’s game was a heavyweight competition, like a college football game, with punches and counter punches everywhere, taking the opponent’s best shots, then scoring one or two of his own. And in this battle of deficits, the Eggs have never given up. Such games are prepared in a test of will in which neither side will give heat, pain, trouble, anything.

Aggies just didn’t win it. He won it twice. A&M led by fourteen points in the third quarter, then found itself behind seven and had five minutes left in the fourth. The team will still not be able to join. “You’re now explaining how you respond to success,” Fisher said. “And that’s what they think. There’s a growing curve … we’ve had some unfortunate injuries. People don’t care, and I don’t care. That’s no excuse. But at the same time, it’s true.” And you have to understand the difference between what your results are and what the reality is. [is] Why those results are there, and then you coach through them. Just because we won this game didn’t fix everything.

Did something finally click and turn A&M into a team worthy of greatness? Or was it another unexpected moment in the season filled with them? Regardless, these agencies are once again one of the most exciting teams in college football.

No matter how good Saturday’s win is, a win over Alabama doesn’t bring A&M (and the team’s two losses) back into the college football playoff mix. But if the Aggies had run the table, which meant winning Ole Miss and Road One at LSU, they would have changed how the college station would look this season.

“If you don’t believe, you can’t do it,” said the defensive lineman. Tire Johnson said.. “So all week, we just focused on believing and doing our job, no matter what.”

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