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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Friday would have been a great day to go swimming in one of Philadelphia’s public pools, but the wait is almost over. Philadelphia Parks and Recreation said a handful of pools would open Tuesday.

The city says that 80% of the pools available will open this summer. To make sure kids are safe while swimming, the city is working around a shortage of lifeguards nationwide.

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Making a splash in this summer season.

The city said Friday’s outdoor pools will open on a rolling basis starting next Tuesday, but Philadelphia Parks & Rec says only 50 of the 63 pools will open citywide.

“We want to make sure every Philadelphian has access to a public free-swimming pool,” said Parks and Rec Commissioner Catherine Ott Lowell.

The city is opening up pools amid a nationwide lifeguard shortage. The challenges of seasonal hiring stemmed from the pandemic. They say that they have expedited the recruitment process.

“It is not a money issue for us. We have pool operating dollars in the budget,” Ott Lovell said. “It’s about keeping the pool deck safe and having enough lifeguards to keep the pool safe.”

The city says they currently have 500 lifeguards and pool maintenance attendants ready to go. They changed the hours of operation to maximize community outreach.

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“Some pools will be open for a seven-day event,” said Ott Lovell. “Some pools will be open on a revised 12-5 schedule and some pools will be open on a split schedule and this is again to maximize how many pools we will be able to open.”

Additional security will also be present in the pool.

“Always. The Philadelphia police support our pools and we will actually deploy police to every single pool,” Ott Lovell said.

As schools kick off, the city wants to make sure kids have a fun place to enjoy the heat and cool off.

Ott Lovell said, “I encourage people to A, go and find the closest pool.” “If you’re not comfortable with that, if it’s not something you want to do, I really encourage them to find a spray ground.”

Below is a list of the anticipated opening dates for the Philadelphia public pool.

  • Tuesday, June 21: Fishtown Recreation Center, Mill Creek Playground, Samuel Recreation Center
  • Wednesday, June 22: Barrie’s Playground, Lawncrest Recreation Center, Penrose Playground
  • Thursday 23 June: Kelly Pool, Vogt Recreation Center, Pleasant Playground
  • Friday, June 24: Murphy Recreation Center, Mitchell Playground, Simpson Recreation Center
  • Monday, June 27: Bridesburg Recreation Center, Athletic Recreation Center, Ford Recreation Center
  • Tuesday, June 28: Aubrey Playground, Jacobs Playground
  • Wednesday, June 29: Jardell Recreation Center, Marion Anderson Recreation Center, Max Myers Playground
  • Thursday, June 30: Hancock Playground, Kendrick Recreation Center
  • Friday, July 1: Fox Chase Recreation Center
  • Saturday, July 2: US Army Playground, Zion Playground, Mander Playground
  • Week 4 of July: Hillside Recreation Center, Christie Recreation Center, Jay Finnegan Playground, Northern Liberties Recreation Center, Cherashore Playground, CB Moore Recreation Center, McVeigh Recreation Center, Cobbs Creek Recreation Center, Lackman Playground, Stinger Square, O’Connor Pool, Saks Playground, 39th and Olive Playground, Lonnie Young Recreation Center, Houseman Playground, Feltonville Recreation Center, Shepard Recreation Center, Piccoli Playground, Francisville Recreation Center, Scanlon Recreation Center
  • Week of July 11: Hunting Park Recreation Center, Waterloo Playground, Tustin Recreation Center, FJ Myers Recreation Center

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Pool opening schedule will be updated regularly Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Website,

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