Here’s Where Trump’s Support Record Stands So Far

Many of the nearly 200 candidates supported by former President Donald Trump in the 2022 midterm elections are running unopposed or facing lesser-known, poorly funded opponents. But in contested races, those who supported Trump have won more times than they lost.

Support for Trump has helped propel some candidates to victory, such as JD Vance in Ohio and Bo Hines in North Carolina. His picks also won important primaries in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. But in Georgia, many of his candidates suffered heavy defeats, and found mixed success in states such as South Carolina and North Carolina.

Here’s a look at his endorsement record in some of the most viewed primaries.

In Georgia, many defeats and one victory

Governor Brian Kemp easily defeated East Sen. David Perdue, Trump’s hand-picked candidate, in the Republican primary for governor. Kemp has been a target of Trump because he refused to reverse the defeat in the 2020 presidential re-election. She will face Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams, whom she defeated four years ago.

Secretary of State Brad Riffensperger, who rejected Trump’s demand that he “find” additional votes after his 2020 loss, defeated the Trump-backed challenger, Representative Jody Hissin the Republican primary.

Attorney General Chris Carr defeated john gordonTrump-backed rival with over 73% of the vote.

In the Republican primary for an open seat in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, the Trump-backed candidate, Jake EvansQualified for the June 21 runoff, although he was second to top vote-getter Rich McCormick.

former professional football star herschel walker, which was endorsed by Trump, dominated the Republican primary for the Senate. He will face Sen. Raphael Warnock, a Democrat and prolific fundraiser, in the general election.

win in Pennsylvania

After a close run that prompted a recalculation, Dr. Mehmet OzuTrump’s choice, narrowly defeating David McCormick, won the state’s crucial Republican Senate primary.

doug mastriano, a state senator and retired army colonel who has campaigned innumerable false claims about the 2020 election and participated in the protests against the Capitol riots, won the Republican nomination for governor. Trump endorsed him just days before the May 17 primary.

Two wins and one loss in North Carolina

Representative Ted Budowwho was endorsed by Trump, won the Republican nomination for the Senate, and bo hinesA 26-year-old political novice who charmed Trump was driven to victory in his Republican primary for a House seat outside Raleigh.

but Rep. Madison Cawthorne Buried under the burden of repeated scams and mistakes. He was ousted in his May 17 primary, a scathing disapproval of a Trump-backed candidate. Voters chose state senator Chuck Edwards.

A Split in the South Carolina House Race

Representative Tom RiceOne of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump after the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol, his Trump-backed challenger, State Rep. Russell Fry, was kicked out of the Republican primary in the 7th Congressional District was.

but Representative Nancy Mays defeated his Trump-backed challenger, former state legislator Katie Arrington, in the first congressional district primary. Mace said Trump had claimed responsibility for the January 6 attacks, but did not vote to impeach him. He was supported by Nikki Haley and Mick Mulvaney, who held positions in the state before serving in the Trump administration.

Election Denialists Win in Nevada

In the Republican Senate primary on June 7, Adam Laxalt Won the nomination and will face the incumbent, Sen. Catherine Cortez Maestro, who is seen as one of the weakest Democrats this fall. Laxalt, a former attorney general, was endorsed by Trump and helped lead his efforts to reverse the 2020 presidential election results in Nevada.

joseph lombardoThe Las Vegas sheriff, who was backed by Trump, won the Republican nomination for governor and will face the Democratic incumbent, Gov.

Jim Merchant did not receive formal endorsement, but his victory in the secretary of state primary can be considered a victory for Trump: Merchant is a Trump loyalist who has won a slate of “America First” candidates for electoral positions questioning legitimacy. helped organize. of 2020 elections. He will face Democratic lawyer Cisco Aguilar.

win in ohio

Senate candidate Jedi Vance defeated a field of well-funded candidates, almost all of whom introduced themselves as Republicans like Trump. Vance, a writer and venture capitalist, had transformed himself from a self-described “Never Trump Man” in 2016 to an “America First” candidate in 2022.

max millerA former Trump aide who denied allegations of assault by an ex-girlfriend and was later endorsed by Trump won his House primary after two other Republican incumbents opted not to run there.

Trump also supported Madison Geciotto Gilbert, a lawyer and former beauty queen who was a surrogate for his presidential campaign. He won a seven-way primary for an open congressional seat being vacated by Representative Tim Ryan, a Democrat running for the Senate.

A Victory in West Virginia

Representative Alex Mooney In a new congressional district, he won over Rep. David McKinley. Support for Trump was seen as the deciding factor in the race.

a win in california

kevin kelly, a Republican state lawmaker backed by Trump after finishing second in an open primary for an open seat in California’s Third Congressional District, headed to November’s general election. He will face Democrat Kermit Jones, a doctor and Navy veteran who was the top vote-getter.

A Narrow Victory in Montana

Ryan Zinke Prior to serving in the Trump administration, he had been a senior Congressman from Montana. Now Jinke is trying to make a comeback in Congress. Trump supported him, but he won the seat only in his Republican primary.

A Loss in Nebraska

Charles W. herbster, a wealthy agribusiness executive, lost his three-way primary to Jim Pillen, the University of Nebraska Regent, which was supported by Gov. Pete Ricketts, who clashed with Trump for a long time and is term-limited. Late in the campaign, Herbster was accused of groping several women. He denied the allegations.

And Another Loss in Idaho

Governor Brad Little of Idaho overrules Trump’s endorsement of the state’s lieutenant governor, Janice McGatchinwho was challenging him in the Republican primary.

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