Former NFL Grand Master Herschel Walker admits he is “not that smart” as he tries to belittle expectations of Georgia’s upcoming Senate debate with Senator Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.)

The Republican retired great footballer claimed he was just a fool who wouldn’t stand a chance against the erudite Warnock when they would fight face to face on October 14th.

“I’m a country boy … He’s a preacher,” said Walker. “(Warnock) is smart and wears these nice suits.”

Walker, who has appeared for the University of Georgia and the National Football League, warned fans not to demand much of him when the pair face off.

“He will show up and embarrass me in the debate,” said Walker. “I’m just waiting for it to show up and I’ll do my best.”

Walker campaigned and faced att*cks over previous violent threats against his ex-wife.

He suggested that climate change cannot be real. He also admitted that he did not confess to three children from previous relationships, although he often talks about how important it is for black men to be responsible fathers.

Walker, who grew up in rural Wrightsville, Georgia, is second to most polls to Warnock, who is also pastor of the iconic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once preached.

The November race is likely to be close as both sides are tied at Peach State.

This will help define Senate control, with Democrats being favored to stick to their razor-thin edges.

Warnock and Senator Jon Ossoff (D-Ga.), Who is not running for re-election, won seats last year, becoming the first Democrats in decades to win office across the state. President Biden also beat former President Trump by a hair in 2020 in an election that cemented Georgia’s status as a battlefield state.

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