Herschel Walker’s ex-girlfriend said Tuesday that a candidate for the Senate of the Republic of Georgia “threatened” her with an ab*rtion during a prolonged extramarital affair.

A woman told ABC News that a football star claiming to be pro-life forced her to terminate her pregnancy in 1993 after she initially felt cold blood from an ab*rtion.

“It (was) very dangerous,” said the woman, who first spoke in front of the camera but still hides his name. “I felt threatened and thought I had no choice.”

Woman who only identified herself as Jane Doe says she is a supporter of former President Donald Trump, but believes Walker is a hypocrite who does not deserve to be chosen

“I think honesty matters,” she said.

Walker denied the woman’s account when she first reported last week. He is the second ex-girlfriend to accuse him of forcing them to have ab*rtions and paying for the procedures.

He called her “some woman I don’t know,” even though she provided ample evidence of their six-year romantic relationship.

In the week leading up to the general election, incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock (D-Georgia) faces a tough fight for Walker’s re-election. So far, the race in Georgia is one of the toughest Senate elections in the country, where black turnout may be the most critical if Democrats are to retain control of the Senate.

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