HGTV Property Brothers’ new furniture line reveals the twins’ differences

Half the fun of watching “Property Brothers” – the HGTV reality series where identical twins Drew and Jonathan Scott convince homebuyers to buy an old fixer and rely on the design duo to replace it – are trying to tell the beautiful brothers apart. Huh. They may look like carbon copies, but they make a game of telling you how different they are.

“Everyone always says I’m high-maintenance,” Jonathan says. “Have you seen her wardrobe? Have you seen those nails?”

“Have you seen that hair?” Drew fires back.

I’m on a Zoom call with the pair, who are launching a furniture collection for the living space, and rightfully so, the TV twins have managed to differentiate themselves in their new furniture line as well. California-inspired furniture lines two sides of Los Angeles, the city that Canadian natives now call home.

“You’re really seeing two sides of our L.A. story,” says Jonathan. “You’ve got Drew’s old Hollywood style, and you’ve got my cool Californian too.” One is more luxury and glamorous, while the other has a casual, sink-in-a-space-and-sometimes-up-sorts-off vibe.

Drew and his wife, Linda Phan, have a home in Hancock Park, a mansion-filled neighborhood near downtown. Jonathan and his partner, actor Zooey Deschanel, recently bought a house they are renovating in Brentwood, near the waterfront.

“When you think about where we are here in L.A., there’s so much architectural influence, so many amazing pieces of inspiration, so many beautiful historic homes,” Drew says. “You have Art Deco, you have Regency Modern, you have vintage bungalows, and you have a lot of cool environments, especially by the water. We thought, How can we capture this classic beauty and how do we capture it in our pieces? Can bring. “

The virtual tour begins with the twins in the living room that showcases Drew’s Old Hollywood, a look that includes chic ebony leather sofas and chairs, dark wood dressers and chests, oil-stained bronze furniture legs And there are chairs covered in velvet cobalt blue. ,

Then we move on to Jonathan’s laid-back California living room, a casual coastal look that revolves around a versatile sectional and case accessories made of wood in warm, weathered taupe tones. The centerpiece Culver Sofa is built for family movie night, he says, and designed to stand up to everything life’s on it. “You have to be realistic. A sofa just can’t look beautiful.”

To create the 90-piece collection, which includes dressers, side tables, rugs, sectionals, dining sets and more, the twins drew inspiration from Southern California, as well as their experiences designing more than 500 homes for televisions. And experienced renovating homes for a long time. before this. These brothers, now 43 years old, have been working in this business for 25 years and both are licensed real estate agents. Jonathan is also a licensed contractor.

After the virtual tour, reporters at the Peanuts gallery we got to ask a few questions:

Why: Complete this sentence: No home is complete without a truly great…

Attracted: … set of twins. No, without a sectional, a comfortable sectional that can be adapted to your space. Picture get-together with friends. Picture moving night. That sectional is what will make it feel like home.

Why: What are the top furniture trends?

Jonathan: Finding pieces that can be multi-purpose. That’s what I love about a modular system that you can change to work with your space. Today you can find things that are classy if they are in an office environment, or classy if they are in the living space or bedroom. It is important to have the ability to mix and match.

Attracted: We are looking at throwbacks for style as well as comfort. We’re seeing more padding and more glam on the arms.

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