Victims of the Highland Park shootout have filed multiple lawsuits, listing alleged shooter Robert Crimo III, Smith & Wesson, two firearms dealers, and Father Crimo as responsible for the firearms eruption that killed seven and injured dozens of others during the Day Parade Independence in the northern suburbs.

The lawsuits, which will be discussed at today’s press conference, are the latest in the ongoing debate in US courts about who is responsible for d*aths and injuries caused by firearms in the country.

The lawsuit lists Robert Crimo, Jr., the alleged father of the shooter, for helping his son obtain a gun license card he needed to purchase the Smith & Wesson M & P15 rifle that authorities said was using the younger Crimo when he opened fire from the top of the building along the parade route, as per one of the complaints filed Tuesday in Lake County District Court,

The lawsuit also claims that Crimo’s father knew his son was “a clear and present danger” when he sponsored him.

George Gomez, Crimo’s family lawyer, said Wednesday that he had not read the lawsuit. But Gomez reiterated what he had said in the past that his client, Crimo’s father, had been law-abiding when he sponsored his son’s permit application and had done nothing wrong.

Moreover, Gomez said the elder Crimo was unaware of his son’s alleged plans for gun violence.

The allegations in the documents also explain how Crimo obtained the gun, saying he bought it from an out-of-state online retailer and picked it up at a gun store in Lake County.

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According to the lawsuit, Crimo is described as “a 21-year-old obsessed with violence,” and also lists as accused gun dealers Bud’s Gun Shop in Lexington, Kentucky and Red Dot Arms, Inc. in Lake County.

The Red Dot Arms, Lake Villa, on July 7, 2022, handed over the gun to Robert Crimo III, who was accused of the mass shooting in Highland Park on July 4.

Crimo ordered the rifle he was using from Bud and picked it up at the Red Dot, which facilitated legal transfer. Both companies knew Crimo had an address in Highland Park, according to the lawsuit, and that he was “a resident of a municipality that forbade possession of such weapons.”

“Nevertheless, they proceeded to sell and transfer, enabling the shooter to complete his deadly mission,” the lawsuit reads.

“Over the years, Smith & Wesson, Bud’s Gun Shop, Red Dot Arms and other shooters, through their misconduct and illegal practices, have been able to profit from the actions of restless and hateful young men like the Sagittarius,” reads lawsuit. “Like Father Sagittarius, they consciously ignored society’s right to protection from violence, putting weapons of war in Sagittarius’ hands. All these actors must be held responsible for the massacre at the July 4 parade in Highland Park.

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