Hilarious news report of mom of toddlers public tantrum garnered 14M views: ‘Terrorists’

A hilariously literal news report from a mother of her 2-year-old son’s public tantrums has gone viral online, with a condition that most parents would relate to. For those without kids, it’s absolutely fun.

Former news reporter Kayla Sullivan shared the video on TikTok on January 2 and has garnered over 14 million views to date. Sullivan now works in PR, but her previous career saw her as a TV political reporter for FOX59 and CBS4Indy, as well as a news anchor for WLFI.

It may not be intense international ties, but the breaking news at hand is just as relevant, as Sullivan recounts the meltdown of her son, whom she calls a “2-year-old terrorist” at Olive Garden.

“Reporting live from outside my son’s bedroom, where he is currently in custody till naptime is over,” she said. “Now this story involves a minor so I cannot release details. But I can confirm that my son is a 2-year-old terrorist who took me hostage at Olive Garden earlier today.

“It’s important to note that the friends I met there don’t have children and probably never will after seeing this situation for the first time.

“It’s an active investigation but officials believed proper precautions were taken. I made the risky decision by bringing my son’s favorite snacks and even an iPad from other moms, but here not even cocomelan Could have stopped this recession.”

The former news reporter said: “After several cries demanding a ‘cheet-chup’ quote, a Good Samaritan waitress miraculously understood it to be the English word ketchup and brought her a bottle. Unfortunately, her good deed was rejected. The latter was punished after throwing a ketchup-covered fork at him. Not all heroes wear hats, but it should have been wearing an apron. You know, these baby blasts are becoming increasingly common, because more and more More parents try the new fad ‘gentle parenting’ and totally suck at it.”

Despite Sullivan’s position being a fiduciary, it was based on a combination of her past experiences with a “2-year-old terrorist”, she explained. Greeley Tribune.

“I took pieces from different tantrums, that have been thrown in the past, and [it’s] Something he has definitely done. I bring their favorite snacks, I bring an iPad in public and I’m afraid people are going to judge me, you know, and a lot of times you have to take them out and get them in the car because they Doing this is bad, and he’s yelled for ketchup,” Sullivan said.

“All those things may not have happened in that one event, but they certainly happened before. So all my facts were true, they may not have happened in the order in which I presented him or the exact same place or whatever. But whatever he did, I took that and I turned him into a news report.”

Sullivan’s favorite part? Like many other spectators, it was “not all heroes wear hats, but they should have worn an apron”. “I think a lot of times news reporters, myself included. When I was a news reporter, we’d only say the cutest lines or we’d only say things that made you kind of like, ‘Oh, gosh, that It was cute, but it was also kind of cool’.”

Basically, Sullivan began his TikTok news reporting series with a popular challenge asking users to try out their news reporter voice – something of which he is a pro. His first viral hit was a report on his son’s diaper filled with “a bunch of puns, like ‘e’s resistant fabric,” which Sullivan actually thought was a lot more fun than this. However, the Internet does not agree with this.

The humorous video has taken over online, branching out to other social media sites. Steve Harvey shared the video with a laughing emoji on Twitter on January 3.

Others have similarly applauded the online clip, some concerned and others vowing never to have children.

One TikTok user said, “This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen.”
“Allegedly, you ‘reportedly’ forgot,” joked one user. Sullivan dubbed the mistake “Journalism 101” and vowed to “do better next time”.

In a follow-up video, Sullivan provided followers with an exclusive interview with the 2-year-old, asking: “What do you have to say for yourself?”

It’s no surprise that his only response was: “Chet-chup.”