Holly Willoughby fans breathe a sigh of relief at the detail in her home

Holly Willoughby fans heave a sigh of relief after she shared A video of her carpet.

fan ITV This Morning Star When she has reacted with relief after sharing her cat with paws on her carpet.

Holly recently welcomed the new addition to her family.

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Aobha wrote: “The fact that Holly Willoughby’s cats even climb the stair carpet makes me feel better”

“Our Ragdoll and new Cocker Spaniel puppy was like this, we still got the gate at which he likes to chase his cheesy thing!” Alice commented.

LP wrote: “I know how you feel taking small steps and it will work. We did the same thing. So hard but patience is thinking of you xx”

Jane Marsh wrote: “My two cats lived like this for almost four years with a new puppy, they finally tolerated each other and became best friends. Surely it doesn’t happen overnight”

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Natalie commented: “Meanwhile we got a new kitten and our resident Bengal decided he would turn into a full grown hissing and spitting mountain lion Glad your kitkat is a little less than a sassy pant”

Claire wrote: “I’m ashamed to say that I did a “hi five” before that Bluebell evens your carpets! Cute though, she’ll be round.”

Jopino wrote: “Our cat is no longer under 14 weeks old! She has caught a glimpse of the puppy but has no clue that she even exists!!!!! Greatest scary cat ever!”

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