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Home burglary on Friday night, 4 suspects.

PALO ALTO – A house was burglarized in Palo Alto on Friday night while the occupant was at home. Police say four suspects have escaped.

Palo Alto police received a report of a burglary at 9:48 a.m. Friday night in the 3500 block of Emma Court, off Metadero Avenue in the Baron Park neighborhood.

The resident, a woman in her 70s, was in the bedroom upstairs when the burglars broke in, officials said.

The thieves apparently went through several rooms, then climbed the stairs. The resident said he heard someone say, “Someone is there!” Then he saw three people with flashlights running downstairs, get out of the house and drive.

The suspects broke a glass door to enter the house. Police said the victim did not believe anything had been stolen.

Security cameras at nearby homes showed four people removing a black 2013 to 2016 Mercedes C-Class four-door sedan without a front license plate. When they escaped, they headed east for Metadro, to El Camino Real.

Police said they would not release the surveillance video because it was “not of sufficient quality” to identify the suspects.

According to authorities, the woman was described by the woman as a medium-sized building, dressed in black and “less than 6 feet tall.”

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