Hospital worker pulled up for reaching mother’s stroller to touch baby

Commenters praised a mother online, revealing that she filed a report against a hospital employee who kept trying to touch her 7-month-old son without permission.

The original poster (OP), known as u/psychologicalHair519, posted about her condition in the popular “Am I the a**hole” thread on Reddit, where it received nearly 8,000 upvotes and 900 comments, Many supported her reaction to a stranger trying to touch her. His son post can be found Here,

resist the urge

as the founder of pregnant chicken Amy Morrison It is common for parents to not want strangers near their baby, especially since 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic, yet people are not able to resist newborn babies and often try to touch them.

“Even though we can totally understand the appeal, germy hands aren’t exactly what you want when stroking your 10-day-old baby,” she wrote.

Commentators backed a woman to file a complaint against a hospital employee who tried to touch her baby without permission.
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Morrison said that while there are polite and subtle ways to tell someone not to touch your baby, there are also some obvious and sometimes “not polite” ways to go about it.

Some of the suggestions Morrison wrote online include:

  • carry baby in carrier
  • Blame it on the pediatrician (“The doctor said she shouldn’t be touched.”)
  • Simply say “no thanks.”
  • Say they ain’t got their shots
  • Carry a cover for stroller and car seats
  • Put a sign on the stroller saying “don’t touch.”

Am I a**hole?

In a post titled “AITA to file complaint about a hospital worker trying to touch my baby”? The OP said she was waiting with her 7-month-old son for a doctor’s appointment to have her blood drawn.

While waiting, he said a woman came up to him and started asking questions about her son, while he was sleeping in the stroller, with a blanket over him.

“This lady proceeded to lift the blanket for my son to peek inside,” the post read. “Immediately replied (in a slightly annoyed tone) ‘He’s sleeping right now, he’s having a hard time with naps during the day so he was very cranky before.’ What’s the mom code for ‘Don’t wake up my baby, don’t touch my baby’.”

After being told that the baby was sleeping, the woman said “okay” in a calm voice before attempting to stick her hand under the blanket on the stroller. At this point, the OP said she “snapped” and told the woman not to touch her baby.

“She had the nerve to tell me it was okay because she worked there at the hospital,” the post read. “It made me even more mad so I asked her ‘So are you here to draw my blood too because you work here and you can do everything?

The woman told the OP that she was “rude” and that she was just trying to “congratulate him”, adding that it was “a shame” that motherhood didn’t turn her into a “lovely person”, which Wanted to brag and show off. The child is “as he does to everyone else.”

After the woman left, the check-in counter opened and the OP approached, asking to file a complaint about the employee trying to touch her baby. The woman at the counter said yes, but went on to ask if she was “sure” she wanted to complain because “a lot of people in here like to touch the kids” and the parents usually don’t bother.

“I was really amazed she would tell me that’s why I turned around and left the hospital whole God because I could feel the nuclear break,” the post read. “I later called the hospital to explain what happened and that I needed to be rescheduled. Over the phone, the woman apologized on behalf of the hospital and said she would file a complaint for me.”

But now that she has time to reflect, the OP said she felt “a little Karen-ish” for filing a report against the employee, but she was still annoyed by the way she was talked about at the clinic. Is.

Redditor Reactions

Nearly 900 users commented on the post, with many criticizing the hospital staff for trying to touch the OP’s baby without permission.

One user commented, “At least, unless the person is going to check on the child, they should first ask your permission.”

“Your kid, your rules,” read another comment.

“Pandemic or not. You don’t touch anyone’s baby,” wrote another. “You never touch someone else’s child, child, or whatever without the explicit permission of the parent! You were the patient! Not the child. So there was no reason for him to lift the blanket or try to touch the child.” “

Another user commented, “You told her not to touch your baby and she continued. You were right to file a complaint.” “I don’t think people would hesitate to file a complaint if she kept running around touching adults when they told her not to. That’s what she was doing, but for someone who can’t stand up for herself.” Because he was a child.”

newsweek Contacted u/psychologicalHair519 for comment.

In March, a pregnant woman revealed that she was tired of people touching her belly without consent.

Another woman was supported online after telling her husband that he didn’t like her constantly trying to “bond” with her unborn child by touching her pregnant belly without permission.

But an argument broke out on Mumsnet after a mother asked parents if she thought it was okay for people to kiss their babies without permission.

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