House January 6 committee to reveal Meadows’ pressure on Georgia election officials

WASHINGTON – The House Jan. 6 committee plans to show that President Donald Trump’s then-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows had “an intimate role … in the conspiracy to pressure (Georgia) state legislators and election officials.” “Rape. Schiff, a member of the Adam B. Panel, told the Los Angeles Times ahead of Tuesday’s hearing.

Among other things, Schiff, D-Calif., said that the committee investigating the 2021 uprising at the U.S. Capitol would release new information about Meadows’ appearance at an important election meeting in Georgia, and the text message suggests that He wanted to send the autographed Make America Great. Salute again to the auditors.

Tuesday’s hearing is the fourth in a series of selection committees that aim to showcase the former president’s role in the attack.

With a focus on Trump’s efforts to put pressure on state officials, it will feature live testimony from Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger — the end of Trump’s infamous request for “enough votes to reverse President Joe Biden’s victory” discovery. “Were getting to do.

US Capitol attack

Others testifying on Tuesday will be Raiffensperger’s top deputy Gabriel Sterling and Georgia election activist Shay Moss.

Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers, a Republican, will testify about calls he received from Trump and attorney John Eastman, and will meet with Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani asking him to take action to reverse the election.

Tuesday’s hearing will feature Schiff, who over the past three years has developed a reputation as one of the consummate leaders of the House Democrats’ investigation into the Trump administration. Schiff had important roles in the Russia and Ukraine investigations and Trump’s first impeachment trial.

With the January 6 investigation, Schiff and House Democrats have a powerful tool they lacked in previous investigations: some of Trump’s close aides have detailed the former president’s actions as far back as January 6 in affidavits, and many in case, how he advocated against such moves.

In interviews, Schiff, a former prosecutor, expressed surprise that the House committee got so many people to speak on the record.

“I am glad these people are coming forward,” he said. “I’m glad they’re speaking up. It took a long time for (former attorney general) Bill Barr to do the right thing. It took a long time for many others who enabled Donald Trump to say I can’t go on.” .

But he added that if he had spoken earlier, “we could have avoided all the trauma we went through.”

In the Ukraine investigation, several Foreign Service officials testified, but most of Trump’s political appointees and political aides declined to speak or contested the subpoenas.

Schiff said, “Once we got above the level of the Foreign Service and the Civil Service, Trump had such discipline and clear fear in his people for violating the law and refusing to appear at subpoenas.” Were prepared.” “It took a violent attack on the Capitol to change this. It should have changed long ago.”

During the impeachment trial, Schiff sees his role as providing accountability.

“During the first impeachment trial, I would always say to my fellow managers that we have to remember who we’re talking to: four and four million,” he said, referring to the four Republican senators he believed. That they agreed and almost expected that 40 million Americans would too.

“I still think it’s the audience and I think if any of those spectators are watching, they can’t help but be impressed by what they’re seeing. And I think They are watching,” he said.

The January 6 committee hearings stand in contrast to previous high-profile House hearings related to Trump because they do not include Trump supporters.

The panel is made up of seven Democrats and two Republicans – Reps Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kizinger of Illinois – who have already claimed that Trump’s actions led to a violent attack on the Capitol.

The decision, by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., to cancel his GOP appointments to the committee — after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., dismissed some — means that Trump has to defend his position. Has no allies to do and has allowed Democrats to deliver an unconvincing message.

Schiff warned that American democracy was at risk and that Trump was likely to start another race for the presidency early next year. The message Schiff wants to convey: “The system held up, but barely.”

“Our democracy today is more vulnerable than ever. They are using the same big lie that fueled that violence to deprive people of color, along with new voter suffrage laws, to attack free election officials,” he said. “And as long as that is, I will keep my attention till this crisis passes.”

Over the past three years, Schiff’s political brand has been closely identified with combating the former president. When he entered Congress in 2000 as a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, the most conservative group of Democrats, it’s the exact opposite.

Schiff’s high-profile role angered Republicans, who see Democrats as using his position as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee for political reasons. McCarthy promises to remove Schiff from panel if Republicans control the House

“You can’t trust what he tells you,” McCarthy said of Schiff recently. “You cannot politicize this committee.”

Schiff denies any partisan intent, and insists that his long-standing focus on national security, foreign policy, and their constituents has remained steadfast.

“Donald Trump shook the Republican Party away from being a party of conservative ideology, and turned it into a kind of creed, an undemocratic, anti-truth. And if opposed to (and) from protecting our democratic institutions Made me biased or made me biased, so be it,” he said.

But three years of scrutiny from the Trump administration have proved politically advantageous for Schiff as he considers whether to run for House leadership or for a US Senate seat from California.

He is second only to Pelosi in raising money and giving it to other House Democrats, having raised nearly $80 million for the campaign arm of House Democrats and other Democratic candidates since 2016. His name recognition across the country and in California has grown significantly since 2019.

Both factors have bolstered his resume, as House Democrats grapple with the likely scenario that the term is Pelosi’s last caucus. His departure after 19 years of leading House Democrats is expected to ignite a turbulent race to succeed him.

While Representative Hakeem Jeffries, D.Y., is widely considered the front-runner for the position, Schiff has begun talking with fellow House Democrats about running for the job. If Trump runs together 2024, Schiff could argue that he is in the best position to take over Pelosi’s role of standing in for the former president.

However, many House Democrats have quietly said they want to see a man of color or a woman succeed Pelosi.

Schiff is also considering entering the expected 2024 race to succeed California Sen. Diane Feinstein, assuming she does not run again, a competition that is expected to attract widespread interest.

Schiff declined to elaborate on his future ambitions. He is now serving as battlefield finance chairman for the campaign arm of the House Democrats, responsible for advising and raising funds for vulnerable members and Democratic challengers.

“We will cross the bridge of leadership when we get to it,” he said. “Speaker Pelosi has done a tough job of putting our caucus together—a caucus as surprisingly diverse as ours. And anyone who has that role in the future will find out just how hard it is.”

Yet he is already piecing together his campaign message – a combination of advocating for democracy and a focus on the economy.

“One of the reasons why America has been such a fertile soil for the rise of Donald Trump’s brand of xenophobic populism is because the economy hasn’t worked for many, many millions of Americans,” he said. “I consider those two issues to be closely related and important for our leadership to address now and in the future.”

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