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House Republicans follow Trump’s self-dealing model, spend thousands on their companies: report.

Republican Rep. Claudia Tenny, who represents a conservative but swing district in central New York, allegedly spends thousands of dollars on her personal business plans with campaign cash, possibly under Federal Election Commission rules. Is a violation of

FEC record Reviewed According to the Daily Best New York Conservative, “OMP Park, Inc. spent 15 15,634.85 on rent, telephone service, and office supplies,” apparently a New York company registered and managed by Tiny. Is. Since 2016, according to the House’s routine disclosure, Tenny OMP has served as president of the park. In 2016, he also allegedly directed مہم 28,676.86 in campaign funds to bankroll various administrative costs for both OMP and the Mid York Press, another New York-based business he apparently “co-owns.” And operates as a “legal advisor.” Reviewing the cost of both state and federal campaign funds, the Daily Beast found that Tenny had made at least $ 100,000 from his business.

According to the FEC’s website, as it stands, federal election law does not strictly prohibit the spending of campaign funds on personal business plans. This condition appears to exist to ensure that such transactions do not unduly benefit candidates or their campaigns.

But advocates for campaign finance transparency say that, ideally, the transfer of campaign funds should be abandoned altogether to prevent any conflict of interest.

Adam Rapaport, a senior advocate for civic responsibility and ethics in Washington, told the Daily Beast, “It’s usually the best practice, if you can avoid it, not to do business with a company that you or You have a family. ” “If you are going to do this, it is better to make sure that you are working with fair market values ​​and keep good records, as the law requires.”

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It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

“In this case, the payment records do not provide enough facts to determine whether the legislature is complying,” explained Cedric Payne, senior director of ethics at the Campaign Legal Center. “Voters should expect an explanation or ethics inquiry from their elected official to verify that the payments are in accordance with the law.”

Prior to her position as U.S. Representative, Tenny spent six years in the New York State Assembly, advancing several conservative agendas on issues such as gun control and LBGTQ + rights. During her post, she lost a total of 480 votes – more than any other member of the body. New York Public Interest Research Group.

Tenny was later elected to the US House of Representatives in 2016, lost re-election in 2018, and won again in 2020. In recent years, New York conservatives have said they Hugged Trump’s “style of confrontation.” The former president used taxpayer funds for his personal gain through his personal assets.

Tenny objected to Trump’s second impeachment trial and supported his baseless allegations of electoral fraud. Recently, Republicans. Called Pope Francis “communist” to meet House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, de Calif

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