How Correa’s Cast Compares Their Characters to the Spanish Series

money heist, Hit Spanish crime drama on Netflix, returns in a gripping Korean spinoffMoney Heist: Korea – United Economic Zone-It stages a grand robbery at a mint on the Korean peninsula.

The series, set against the fictional backdrop of the soon-to-be-reunited Korean Peninsula, will be available to stream with English subtitles on Netflix starting Friday, June 24.

The most fascinating part of the Korean remake? The personalities of the characters, without question, were said by famous Korean actor Yu Ji-tae, who plays the professor in the Korean spinoff.

talking to newsweek From the South Korean capital of Seoul, ahead of the series’ premiere, Yu explained: “The most compelling element of both the Korean remake and the original work is the personalities of the powerful and passionate characters with a Korean touch.”

The characters in the remake are “similar to the original series,” said Yu, also known from the cult Korean noir action film. old boy, “Using unique Korean words, such as ‘saturi’ [Korean dialect] For the differences between North and South Koreans on the show.”

Kim Eun-jin, the Korean actress who plays Woo-jin, the fierce negotiator in the hostage crisis, evolves into the latest K-drama, upping her game after watching a robbery team play a police task force. She remembers the pressure felt by the actors. Actors during their scenes.

talking to newsweek from Seoul, where she is currently shooting xo, kittyUpcoming Netflix series which is a spinoff of Jenny Han’s film To all the boys I’ve loved beforeKim said: “Watching the heist team, I remember the actors on the Police Task Force team being like ‘Guys, we need to wake up and pull up our socks!—the heist team is so strong!'”

He boasted: “It’s incredible synergy, especially between the robbery team,” as Berlin, “of all the villains we still can’t hate.”

Professor (played by Yu Ji-tae) as seen in the Korean spinoff of “Money Heist” on Netflix.

Professor at Yu Ji-tae

“As an actor, I’ve always been told that I have a good voice,” said Yu, which was one of the reasons he was offered the role of Professor, “one that provided a sense of confidence, Which also includes the Professor character.”

Yu said that initially he thought that perhaps the character should have a different vibe than the original series, giving him a “more modern image” that lends to the feeling of being “coloured in capitalism”.

The actor “played with the idea of ​​putting the professor in a more formal suit, potentially increasing his sex appeal to attract more audience members,” he joked.

However, in many of his previous works, Yu said: “I’ve played a lot of con artist roles, so if I come across a suit in the Korean Money Heist remake, the director and I thought maybe the professor would leave as an obvious con artist. Having too much of it and feeling it and appearing less trustworthy.”

So we decided to stay true to the professor’s image in the original work, where he feels like a very “pure, innocent professor,” Yu said.

But regardless of his voice, perhaps the professor’s role always stars him, he said, because both Yu and the character apparently share the same MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality profile, the actor was told. .

“I was told recently that I have the same MBTI as the professor,” he recalled, who is an INTJ.

Those who have an INTJ (introvert, intuitive, thinking, judging) personality “think strategically and see the big picture”, according to the Myers-Briggs company website.

In addition to supporting his team, the original work features the Professor displaying different sides of himself, from being a mentor and mentor to showing a warm, tender loving side in his interactions with Wu-jin, whom he wants to be part of. as deceives. robbery plan.

“The conversationalist turned to the professor a lot in moments of loneliness and I think that sentiment came out very well in the cafe scenes,” Yu said.

But given the short, cramped nature of the script, “we’re only able to show one quote from these various elements of the professor,” Yu said.

The actor believes the Korean remake will certainly trigger people’s “imagination and vulnerability” and make you relate to the thoughts and feelings being played.

He added that there are many parts that “don’t need to be clarified” because the audience’s imagination and almost a “sense of confusion” will take care of the rest.

Professor In &Quot;Money Heist Korea&Quot;,
Yu Ji-tae as Professor in “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area”.

Kim Eun-jin on the interlocutor

Kim said that the life of Woo-jin, who is Raquel’s Korean counterpart in the Spanish series, is “so busy” both outside and within his work as leader of the police task force.

Raquel and Woo-jin are both single mothers who are involved in a custody battle with their former partners and both have their mothers suffering from dementia. They are both “women in a man’s world, but they do not lose their focus and center as women,” exercising their authority in a fair and just manner.

Their greatest commonality is their determination to always prioritize the safety of the hostages, dispelling the idea that a casualty or two is inevitable in the event of a national crisis.

The only difference in their story is that in the Korean version, Woo-jin has already been dating the Professor for some time at the beginning of the series, while Raquel and the Professor’s relationship is revealed from the very beginning in the original work.

Interlocutor &Quot;Money Heist Korea.&Quot;
Woo-jin, negotiator and task force leader (played by Kim Eun-jin), as seen in “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” on Netflix.

Kim said: “The most interesting thing about playing the role is that Woo-jin’s daily life is so busy. Her ex-husband is a powerful politician and she’s fighting a divorce case. And whenever something happens, it happens. He is made the scapegoat, in many ways from the task force to his ex.

“It was a taxing but thrilling character that required a lot of attention to play, with so much struggle in his life,” she said.

Kim said that Woo-jin as well as all the women in the series are such strong characters. “I think women are genetically wired to love peace and to respect and value people’s lives and in crises like these, putting women in charge may find a more peaceful solution… perhaps That’s what the series explains.”

Money Heist: Korea – United Economic Zone Will be available to stream on Netflix starting Friday, June 24.

Interlocutor &Quot;Money Heist Korea.&Quot;
Kim Eun-jin as negotiator Woo-jin in the Korean spinoff of “Money Heist” on Netflix.

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