How did GM Chris Grier survive the dolphins’ latest purge? – Wed News

There are some things Steve Ross has never done during his decade-plus run of owning the Miami Dolphins.

As well as hiring an experienced head coach anytimeOf course, Ross has never started anew by appointing a new general manager in the same offseason as his head coach.

At this point, given that we are now in our seventh major football rental during Ross’ tenure as majority owner, that seems like something he has gone out of his way to avoid, Even if it seems like the right time to follow the lead of the New York Giants, the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings.

Resetting the Dolphins seems like the right approach, especially since the franchise fell short of expectations and it doesn’t get any better than the start of a three-year rebuild.

therefore Why not fire General Manager Chris Grier at the same time he fired Brian Flores as head coach? earlier this week?

They came to power together. Yet here we are, saying goodbye to Flores and putting the future of the franchise in Grier’s hands — again.

Why does Ross keep allowing Grier to evade accountability? That’s because he’s “non-threatening,” according to a league source who has worked with both.

Grier is friendly and courteous to a fault, and certainly a colleague who works well with others. So it was easy for Ross to identify Flores as the problem in the latest shakeup.,

They’re all great traits you’ll want when searching for a friend, or a play date for your child. But they don’t necessarily belong to leadership – and that’s what this organization has lacked for decades.

Ross said on Monday, “We had an old, old roster that was leading us nowhere but mediocre and I think if you look at our roster today, the grier Why stay safe and the Dolphins begin their 23rd year in the front office.”

“You see our salary cap [space] And the players we have?” Ross said, referring to The team’s league-leading $74 million in spending power, “I think we are well suited for the future.”

A future a man who has repeatedly failed will continue to build.

True to his own words, Grier said his top priority when this latest reconstruction began was to build dolphins through the trenches.

While the defensive front seems tenacious due to the emergence of Emmanuel Ogba, a free agent this off-season, the development of Christian Wilkins and Rakwon Davies, and the promise of Jalen Phillips, the offensive line remains terrifying.

And that’s with five offensive lineman selections taken in the opening rounds of the 2019, 2020, and 2021 NFL Drafts.

This unit will need a massive overhaul – again – as Robert Hunt is the only player who has proven he is capable of playing at a relatively high level.

Grier tried and failed to fix Miami’s run game, which has produced a below NFL average for running yards for three straight seasons.

Free agent after free agent, trade after trade, draft pick after draft pick, it has become abundantly clear that Grier has as little respect for the value of tailbacks as the plethora of decisions he makes.

And then there’s the quarterback. No general manager should get to choose three quarterbacks for a franchise unless some sort of serious injury or sudden retirement enters the equation. Grier swings and misses Josh Rosen, wasting valuable resources in a 2019 trade for the former NFL starter, who failed in Miami and is now on his fifth NFL team in five years.

The jury is still out on Tua Tagovailoa, who has owned a 13-8 record as an NFL starter over the past two years. But Tagovailoa’s limited arm strength has contributed to the Dolphins’ astonishing gaze, as Miami decision-makers have privately and publicly coveted other NFL quarterbacks such as Deshan Watson, Aaron Rodgers, and Russell Wilson.

Even Ross admitted that Tagovailoa’s future in Miami depends on how the next coach feels about him.

Then we’ve got the free-agent spending spree of 2020, deals that were mostly undone in the offseason of 2021 when Miami cut Kyle Van Noy, traded Shaq Lawson and Eric Flowers, and Ted Karras and many others. allowed to go to free agency. ,

And the last of the weak moves in the off-season – signing receiver Will Fuller, quarterback Jacoby Brissette, tailback Malcolm Brown, cornerbacks Justin Coleman and Jason McCourty, and trade for punter Michael Palardi and linebacker Benardrick McKinney, who would then resume the season. Was cut before – unsuccessfully for creating excitement for this off-season shopping spree.

All those moves had little impact on the team’s performance in 2021. In fact, many of them were more of a deterrent than beneficial.

While everything was considered in a collaborative manner, meaning that the coach and general manager came to a consensus on the decisions made, it is clear that Grier’s passive demeanor allowed Flores to take a heavy-handed approach.

This is a problem because Grier is responsible for talent selection. The coach is responsible for the coaching and development of the player.

I wouldn’t expect Grier to step onto the field and call plays, so why is it acceptable for a coach to be strong in his own way to make decisions about the roster?

This means that either there is something wrong with the process, or the person who should be running the show is not capable.

Anyhow, at this point Ross is running out of Grier’s excuses. So why is he GM the dolphins again?