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How Disneyland uses big data to power its new high-tech genie app.

A high-tech computer algorithm that powers Disneyland’s new Disney Genie app will calculate millions of big data to ensure you ride all your favorite attractions, never go hungry and the Anaheim theme. Get everything you want in the park.

Disney hosted an online media demonstration in which the new Jenny Travelogue planning app is now in the final stages of development. Disney’s tech team offered behind-the-scenes data points and decision-making engines that power the algorithms that run the new mobile app within an app.

Of Disney Jenny app. Walt Disney World will debut on October 19 at four Florida theme parks. The launch date for the Jenny service, which will be part of the Disneyland app, will be announced soon.

Disney’s new Personal Assistant app will be divided into three sections – the free Disney Jenny Travel Plan feature. متبادل Replacement of 20 Disney Genie + former Fast Pass and Max Pass line cutting benefits. And the individual lighting lane option that charges $ 7 to $ 15 to jump in front of the line on the most popular rides.

Disney Jenny aims to make your Disneyland and Disney California adventure easy and personal, while matching your wish list of rides, shows and restaurants with the space available in each park.

The first step with the Jenny app is to create a itinerary based on your areas of interest, ride preferences and restaurant choices. It’s very simple – you just scroll through the app and put a check mark next to the things you want to do.

Once you make your choice, the Jenny algorithm works behind the scenes based on six preferences.

  1. Combine rides with your restaurant reservations you’ve already made.
  2. Choose the minimum waiting time for your top pick attractions.
  3. If you do not already have a plan, suggest eating options.
  4. Suggest rides and experiences you’d enjoy but didn’t choose.
  5. Calculate your park hopping plans.
  6. Create a travel route that shortens your walking distance.

The Jenny app relies on a wealth of data to create your personal itinerary – from your day plans and who you’re traveling with, to details of your past trips and other user insights that you have. Of the first share. The more you use Jenny, the more personalized your recommendations become.

Jenny’s genetic algorithm looks at all available Disneyland and DCA rides and meal options, as well as current and forecast waiting times to prepare your itinerary. The survival of the best genetic algorithm scores all six competitive preferences and brings you the best itinerary.

No one takes precedence. If the Jenny app’s primary goal was to reduce your travel distance, then the algorithm would allow you to take 10 steps in the park, walk around and go home – to achieve your goal, but not make a very fun day. Will

The Jenny System builds a series of compromises with Maximum Travelogue that meets all six priorities to the best of its ability based on open and working parks.

A metric looks at the average waiting times for your required rides. For example, the algorithm knows this. Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters. Usually busy in the morning with improved waiting times as the day goes on. As a result, your itinerary will take Tomorland’s attention to the end of your day – helping you spend less time in line and more time exploring the park.

Similarly, the average idle time metric looks at how much time is spent between your experiences – to ensure the proper pace of your day. Very little time and you are running from ride to ride. Too much time and you’re asking Jenny to do something.

Jenny does the same with meals – making sure you have plenty of opportunities to cut through the day when you’re hungry, but also avoid situations where you eat late lunch and early. Have been Disney’s algorithm calls the time between your meals “meal breaks”.

The last variable? Find the shortest path between points A and Z. The genie algorithm calculates the average distance between experiments and total steps. The system highlights the distance traveled abroad, reviews the choices made behind these decisions and finds ways to improve.

If you don’t like Jenny’s recommendations, change your mind or make other plans? Tap the three little dots next to the ride or restaurant on your itinerary and swipe left to do some of the list of recommendations. Jenny called him “Supero”.

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