How do I get my kids to appreciate family tradition?

Dear Harriet: My children go to a private school. We saved everything and got a little financial support to get them there.

Now that summer has arrived, they are noticing the difference between us and some of their friends. Many of his companions have left for Europe or some other fancy vacation destination. Some are in sleep camp. We can’t afford it.

We want to design a special summer for them, but we usually go south to meet family in summers. Children play with their cousins ​​and visit their grandmothers. That’s what they’ve been enjoying so far.

I want to keep that tradition and somehow they want to see the value in it.

How can I do this when they keep comparing themselves with their school friends?


Dear Summers: In order for your children to move forward in their new school, you must teach them to respect and value the way they live their lives.

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