How do you explain the late season fallout of the Patriots


What happened during goodbye week? The patriots were scattered.

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It’s not going to stop at the legendary level of whatever offense Malcolm Butler has committed, including whether Patriots head coach Bill Belichick will be ready to surrender the Super Bowl title, but we’ll probably always be surprised that that goodbye. What happened during the week?

Indeed, the weekend of December 11, 2021, is the line of demarcation in a mostly blissful Patriots season, which ended in epic fashion during a wild-card playoff game in Buffalo on Saturday night. Ever since the Patriots “broke” the bills on Monday Night Football, Josh Allen and friends have made sure to arrive, just before the goodbye in question. Even if the most stubborn Patriots fan had suspected quarterback Josh Allen for years, he had to feel like Timothy Busfield, seeing a bunch of dead baseball players in an Iowa cornfield, Allen’s 300-yard , after seeing five touchdown performances on Saturday night ; Where did it come from?

Oh, it always has been. New England is just too busy convincing itself that it isn’t going to let its divisional dynasty get any attention.

The Buffalo Bills are the owners of AFC East. This couldn’t have been more clear than last weekend during a 47-17 loss at Orchard Park, NY

Midseason Mirage tried to explain otherwise. After “breaking” the Bills during a Cyclone on December 6 for their seventh-straight victory, the Patriots were 9–4 in first place in the division, with the No. 1 seed in the AFC to boot. Then came his Late By Week and whatever black mojo came with him.

The logical explanation is that age only caught on for a statistically respectable defense that needed another overhaul. This year was nothing short of a bogeyman collapse, as it was just crumbling at the stretch. Physical immaturity caught on with 23-year-old Mack Jones, who impressed during his rookie season, but perhaps not enough to convince everyone that he is the long-term answer for the franchise. As we saw on Saturday night, it would also be nice if the kid had someone to throw at to make these long-distance decisions.

But these characteristics do not appear immediately after what is considered a decisive victory over the Bills. If so, the rock is even more defined than we give it credit for.

The theory that something happened that week is not just fodder created by talkative talk. Jones signaled this after the Patriots lost to the Indianapolis Colts.

“Energy was low” [at practice],” Jones said after the 27-17 loss, his team’s first since losing to the Cowboys in October. “Maybe like feeling a little sorry for myself because we’re coming out of goodbyes and stuff. Don’t go into details, but we haven’t practiced well yet, and that shows how we played. And I didn’t practice well, and I know a lot of people on our team feel the same way. So, we have to come to work every day and just stay positive. it’s a game. It’s not the end of the world, but we can play with those as well. He played very well, but we also shot ourselves in the foot. So, we just have to move on.”

The results say otherwise, but it seemed to the naked eye that a lot of NFL teams were struggling to come out of their goodbyes this season. Alas, teams were 18-14 after their week off in 2021, but some of the high-profile teams that lost (New England, Tampa Bay, Los Angeles Rams) probably thwart that notion. But neither team fell in contention to the extent that the Patriots did after their goodbye week. The Patriots also had a shorter bye week than everyone else, playing the Monday night before and Saturday night after. Is it “feeling sorry for myself” that Jones alluded to during his remarks?

If that is the case, then we have misled this team throughout the season. 2001 Patriots? Please! If we’re going to compare them to any team, it might as well be the Chicken-and-Beer Red Sox. They are not who we thought they were.

After the Patriots “smashed” the Bills, Buffalo looked like it was going down a route in Tampa Bay next week. But instead of letting the month torpedo his season, the Biles bounced back in the second half of that game and found something in the way of a six-point loss against the defending Super Bowl champs. Buffalo has been on a roll since then, looking as talented and relentless to stand alone in Los Angeles next month.

When the Patriots tried to fix their ship, they did it against the worst team in football. It didn’t stick.

“There’s a lot going on when you deal with adversity,” Patriots captain Matthew Slater said after losing to the Bills at Foxborough last month. “You want to make sure there’s no splinter in what you’re doing; no splinter in the locker room, no splashes between players and coaches.

“We have a few options here. One of the options is to let this spiral out of control and the other is to try to put our feet on the ground, make a stand and fight.”

The Patriots chose option 1.

What happened during goodbye week? The patriots were scattered.

It says so much more about him than any success he had on his seven-game winning streak. We’re all just suckers who went along for the desired ride.

There’s a lot to feel good about the 2021 Patriots, especially how the team bounced back from a terrible 2020. Even so, for what they managed in the draft and free agency, with plenty of praise on the bill, this team still only had three more. Cam wins with a more determined chance than Newton’s Patriots.

In other words, we probably should have seen it coming, but were too hungry for a return to the fairy tale.

December 11-13 could be the weekend that killed the 2021 Patriots, or it could just be the weekend when realities started to surface. Anyhow, whatever happened to derail the team is always going to be questionable. Character performances took a turn that week, with Pumpkin returning after midnight.

It turned out that the patriots were not Dalits. They were just dogs.


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