How Golden State silenced its haters, returned to title controversy

The Warriors are not a perfect basketball team. We’ve seen something like this around these parts of the Bay Area long ago.

But during this resurgent season, and especially, in their last two games, this ardent pessimist is finding it hard to find any problems with this team.

Even Draymond Green is struggling to make sense of this resurgence.

“I didn’t think we’d be so good … especially this fast,” Greene – who holds an extraordinarily high standard – said after Monday night’s win over the Miami Heat. “We continue to improve practice, we continue to improve games, and that will set us up well as we continue to roll through this season.”

Yes, far more often than not, these warriors look capable, united and put together in a way that would make them dangerous in spring and summer. He’s answered every question he’s asked so far this season and has created something truly incredible in the process: silence.

Even his most ardent haters – the people who are paid to question him, even during good times – aren’t getting anything on these dubs. They are very good. very deep. It’s a lot of fun to watch.