How John Cena’s Supervillain Shot From ‘Suicide Squad’

John Cena’s peacemaker was shot in the neck and a building collapsed on him suicide squad, But that wasn’t enough to keep him down for long.

peacemaker, Which landed on HBO Max with its first three episodes on Thursday, January 13, opening five months after the events of the DC film with its eponymous character in the hospital, in addition to a changed collarbone to show for the loss she suffered. nothing. ,

The character, whose real name is Christopher Smith, has recovered and can go back home, according to the doctor, and he takes this as his chance to avoid going back to prison, leaving inexplicably.

Before doing so, Smith decides to check in with janitor Jameel to make sure no one is looking for him, engaging in an amusing conversation with the pair about his superhero status (the Peacemaker argues). that he is the one), his racist views (peacemaker Jamil promises he will kill more white people), and Aquaman’s penchant for fish.

Fortunately for Peacemaker, the officers are not at all concerned that one of their former prisoners is able to walk free, and he gets out of the taxi without incident and returns to his trailer park home.

new mission of peacekeeper

However, his peace does not last long as he is confronted by agents Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland), John Economos (Steve Agee), novice Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks) and their leader Clemson Hearn (Chuckwoody Ivuji).

They tell him that he was only allowed to leave the hospital because he needed to join his task force, who were put in charge of a covert operation called “Project Butterfly”.

To Smith’s dismay, “Project Butterfly” has nothing to do with Mothra, as he expected, and he agrees to meet with the team later that night for a debriefing at a local restaurant.

Meanwhile, he heads to his father Oggy’s (Robert Patrick) home to collect a new outfit, helmet, and his pet Eagle and best friend, Eagley.

Oggy clearly has no love in his heart for Smith because he didn’t care that his son was in prison, let alone in the hospital, and he would rather allow himself to shoot him in the neck. pathetic” also.

The patriarch, who can best be described as a racist fanatic, laughs at how Bloodsport’s (Idris Elba) father tortured him using rats, and becomes even more dismayed at Smith when he finds out. That it was Bloodsport who shot him, yes.

Despite this frosty reunion, Oggy lets the Peacemaker get a new helmet and suit from his secret lab, and Eagly gives it back as well.

John Cena as the Peacemaker in “Peacemaker,” the HBO Max show landed on the streaming platform with the first three episodes on Thursday, January 13.
hbo max

Getting to know the team (kind of)

Fit and booted, Smith meets with his team at a local diner, where he learns that his first target is a US senator, and he fails to immediately connect with his teammates, instead being swayed by his inappropriate remarks. disturbs.

A busboy from the diner (Freddie Strom) immediately recognizes the Peacemaker and celebrates his return outside the building, because while the observer does not recognize him, the young man is, in fact, Vigilante.

After their meal, the Peacemaker lets Adabio meet with Eagly and the pair talk about their marriage, with Smith erroneously assuming she has a husband, and also revealing that he has a “big d**k”, when she remarked on how she confidently said her surname. mistakenly wrong.

In a gripping scene, the Peacemaker goes home, while Eagly enjoys the victory in his face while headbanging to classic rock songs, but decides to walk in and meet him when he sees Harcourt walking into a bar. .

Harcourt just wants to enjoy his beer in peace, but apparently that doesn’t because he has to stop not one but two different people before the Peacemaker even tries his luck by suggesting sex.

She tells him he can “f*** himself” and leaves, and it doesn’t take long for the Peacemaker to find a different woman at the bar who will be interested in a no-strings-attached fling with him.

As Smith is enjoying This One Night Stand, Adebayo is seen chatting with Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) on Zoom, which gives her her first chance at keeping a forged diary in her trailer, and it soon ends. It turns out why she joined the task force is because she is the daughter of the Waller.

surprise attack

After a night of their obsession, the Peacemaker talks to the girl he slept with while she brushes her teeth and enjoys an impromptu song and dance in her white briefs to The Queerboys’ “I Don’t Love You Anymore”. decides to take

When the woman suddenly attacks him and discovers that he has supernatural powers, his joy is quickly diminished, something that allows him to be thrown around like a rag doll trying to kill him. Is.

The Peacemaker fights him and jumps out of his window to the ground, headed for his car so that he can retrieve his helmet and activate his sonic boom explosion as she once again attacks him, a An act that instantly kills him in a gruesome manner.

The episode ends with the Peacemaker sitting in a pit created by his helmet, with Eagle sitting next to him as the police descend the street.

The first three episodes of Peacemaker are available to watch now on HBO Max, and the show airs weekly every Thursday.